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Positive news on Jay Briscoe’s daughters

As tragic as the death of Jamin “Jay Briscoe” Pugh was, the situation was made so much worse by the fact his two young daughters were also seriously injured in the car crash that took the Ring of Honor legend’s life.

Thankfully, 12 year old Gracie and 9 year old Jayleigh’s health seems to be headed in the right direction.

On Saturday (Feb. 18), Jamin’s widow Ashley posted a picture of her and son Gannon with the two girls in wheelchairs. It was captioned, “Got all my babies back together”.

Family friend and spokesperson Joshua Wharton had more details in a Facebook video he posted last week.

  • Jayleigh was released from the hospital earlier this month. She no longer has to wear a neck brace, but will be in a back brace and have an external fixator on her leg for about another month.
  • Now that she’s out of the hospital, Gracie will be doing outpatient therapy five days a week. She has “normal” feeling in both legs, and while the ability to move them below her knees is “not where it needs to be”, she has done “some assisted walking.” Wharton said, “Her muscles in her legs are really starting to fire up, so they want to keep it a very intense therapy... The doctors can feel her trying to move her ankles and toes and stuff, but we’re just not getting that movement yet. But things are progressing I would say ahead of schedule.”

Still a long road ahead — and the family continues to ask for prayers — but these updates are welcome ones. The online fundraiser to support the Pughs has hit its goal, but you can still send financial support here.

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