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Jay White has to leave New Japan Pro-Wrestling

He may not be at the top of WWE’s wish list, but there’s going to be a lot of interest in free agent Jay White. But first, there was one more match in the Switchblade Era... a Loser Leaves NJPW match with Eddie Kingston at New Japan’s Battle in the Valley PPV on Feb. 18 in San Jose, California.

Bullet Club was banned from ringside, stripping White of an advantage he’s made the most of throughout his illustrious New Japan career. The 30 year old from New Zealand has other tricks, though, and he managed to get under Kingston’s skin with some early stall tactics, and exploit openings created by the Mad King’s mean streak.

It looked like White might live to fight Strong Style another day when Kingston shoved referee Rick Knox, allowing him to hit a low blow and his Blade Runner finish... but Eddie rolled out of the ring before Jay could cover.

Switchblade had more breath in him, but not much. It took four spinning backfists and two Northern Lights Drivers (White became only the second man to ever kick out of the latter move, joining Jun Akiyama), but White finally stayed down for three.

After a bow from Kingston, a “Thank You” chant broke out. White asked for and received a microphone, but before he could speak David Finlay showed up to knock him out with a shillelagh before cutting a heel promo.

So it seems we have an early contender to take the Switchblade’s heel gaijin spot. Now we’ll wait to see where Jay White goes next.

Get all the results from Battle in the Valley here.

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