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Alex Riley crashed and burned in NWA comeback match

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It had been six years since Alex Riley last wrestled in a televised promotion. He was invited to compete by the NWA against EC3 at the Nuff Said PPV. Riley crashed and burned en route to defeat.

Riley entered with a name change to Kevin Kiley, which is his real name. Riley wore generic clothes like he came in off the street.

NWA Nuff Said

Kiley worked a basic game to start as EC3 overpowered him on lockups. Kiley got back in the groove with shoulder blocks, hip tosses, and corner splashes. Kiley went for one corner splash too many. EC3 vaulted him into the air for a snake eyes into the ring post. EC3 took control with methodical offense to dish out pain. EC3 also ran his mouth with taunts. Knowing EC3’s fondness for head games and controlling your narrative, it could have also been reverse psychology as motivation.

Kiley rallied with a swinging neckbreaker and a spinebuster. EC3 rolled out to safety. Kiley was hot with fire. He pulled off his shirt and ran across the ring for a leaping crossbody over the ropes to the outside. That his was intention. Unfortunately, Kiley did not clear the height and crashed down hard on the floor. EC3 dragged Kiley back into the ring to put him out of his misery with a submission.

That was an interesting story brewing to see Kiley finding his old routine coming back to him. Instead of reaching glory one last time, Kiley went down in flames trying moves his older self was not equipped to pull off as in his younger days. I have no clue if the crossbody crash was intentional. I’m leaning toward yes based on the CYN story of the match, however, that was a very dangerous way to execute a fake botch. Time will tell whether or not that was one and done for Kiley in the NWA.

Do you want to see Kevin Kiley continue his wrestling career?

Get full results of the Nuff Said here. The PPV is available through Fite TV.

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