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NWA Nuff Said PPV live results: Tyrus vs. Matt Cardona for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship & more!

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NWA goes live with the Nuff Said PPV from the Egypt Shrine Center in Tampa, FL on Saturday, February 11. The main event features Matt Cardona battling Tyrus for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to reclaim the gold he never lost. The card also includes five more title matches, a Singapore Cane Match, the return of Alex Riley to the ring, and much more.

Nuff Said airs through Fite TV starting at 8 pm ET. The free pre-show airs at 7 pm ET on the NWA YouTube channel.

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La Rosa Negra defeated Missa Kate. Kate scored a running knee. Rosa kicked out on the cover. Kate tried to keep the momentum rolling, but she ran into a powerslam. Rosa climbed the turnbuckles for a super cool frog splash to win.

Dax Draper & Mims defeated Jax Dane & Blake Troop. Chris Silvio introduced Dane & Troop as a new tag team called The Outlaws. Silvio’s physical interference backfired when he hit Troop. Draper leaped for a slingshot roll-up to pin Troop. Commentary put over Draper & Mims as a potential tag team for the future.

EC3 announced that he signed a contract with the NWA, and he’s bringing CYN with him. EC3 wants to use CYN as a way to find wrestlers who were done wrong by the sport and give them a way back. (Full details here.)

Odinson defeated Joe Alonzo. Powerhouse showcase for Odinson. Alonzo connected on a flying crossbody for a pinfall. Odinson kicked out, went into overdrive for a shoulder block, then finished with an airplane spin slam.

Thrillbilly Silas Mason is coming for Kratos. Kratos made this competition personal by attacking Thrillbilly’s woman, Pollo Del Mar. Silas will make sure that Kratos does not survive the Thrill Ride.

Mercurio & Natalia Markova defeated Jennacide & Max The Impaler. Amy Rose accompanied Max. She was Max’s manager in ROH. Jennacide and Max were a dysfunctional tag team. Markova capitalized on the miscommunication with a spinning high kick and a double-arm DDT to pin Jennacide.

After the match, Magic Jake Dumas and CJ (Christi Jaynes) appeared. Dumas returned from injury. Tensions were teased between Mercurio & Markova and Dumas & CJ for possibly a future mixed tag match.


Singapore Cane Match: Thom Latimer defeated Fodder. Both men brought Singapore canes to the ring. Latimer aggressively manhandled Fodder around the ring. Latimer went up top for a flying cane strike, but Fodder met him midair with a cane strike of his own to gain control. Latimer took a beating from the cane. He managed to fire up and rally for a piledriver. Latimer closed with a crossface submission using the cane to pull back across Fodder’s mouth. Fodder tapped out in defeat.

Matt Cardona views himself as the real NWA worlds champions, since he never lost the belt. He should have been handed the title back when he returned from injury. Tyrus won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, but he didn’t beat Cardona to do it. On top of the match, Cardona has to deal with keeping an eye on rival Bully Ray as guest commentator. Cardona is still ready to make history by becoming a two-time NWA worlds champion.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship: Kerry Morton retained against Alex Taylor. Ricky Morton was ringside to prevent Danny Dealz from cheating. Ricky blocked a punch to fire one back knocking Dealz on his ass. In the ring, Taylor dodged a running knee to counter for a Cradle Shock driver. 1, 2, kick out by Kerry. Taylor set up offense on the turnbuckles. Kerry slid under for a powerbomb. He lowered his knee pad and blasted Taylor with a running knee. 1, 2, Taylor kicked out. Kerry finished with an inverted DDT elbow drop.

Thrillbilly Silas Mason defeated Kratos. Pollo Del Mar was ringside to support Silas. Hoss fight! Kratos removed the turnbuckle, and that tactic backfired in the end. Silas felt the power from the fans to rally for the spinning Thrill Ride finisher. Kratos kicked out on the cover. Silas went for an ankle lock. Kratos rolled it over to escape, and the momentum sent Silas into the corner. He stopped short of the turnbuckle. Kratos charged, Silas dodged, and Kratos collided into the exposed steel. Kratos quickly became a bloody mess. Silas applied a side choke, and the referee called for the bell. Silas won the rubber match in this feud.

Angelina Love was confident in dethroning Kamille as NWA women’s champ.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: Renegade Twins won the titles from Pretty Empowered. The champs isolated Robyn Renegade. Hot tag to Charlette Renegade. The match broke down. Charlette ducked a high kick to score a roll-up on Ella Envy for victory. (Full details here.)

EC3 defeated Kevin Kiley (aka Alex Riley). Kiley started slow then picked up steam with success. He was too ambitious going for a leaping crossbody over the ropes. Kiley didn’t clear the height, and he crash landed on the floor. EC3 put him out of commission with a submission as a mercy kill. (Full details here.)

NWA World Tag Team Championship: La Rebelion retained against Blunt Force Trauma. Aron Stevens was ringside to manage the challengers. This was a clash in styles with lucha libre versus power. Stevens got caught cheating with a loaded punch to Bestia 666 in front of the referee. The official decision was a disqualification. Stevens and his goons continued a beatdown after the bell with a phony three-count.

Chris Adonis defeated Trevor Murdoch. Rugged bout with Murdoch getting mean trying to hurt Adonis. Murdoch hit a pop-up powerbomb. Instead of going for the pin, he wanted to rub it in with a flying bulldog. When Murdoch took flight, Adonis countered for the Master Lock submission to win. Wow. That was a cool surprise finish with how the match was laid out.

NWA Women’s World Championship: Kamille retained against Angelina Love. No DQ rules in effect. The big spot was a coast to coast dropkick by Kamille into a trashcan into Love in the corner. Love regrouped and grabbed the title belt. Kamille ducked Love’s attempt to strike with the foreign object, then the champ reversed course to spear the challenger through a table in the corner. That sealed the win for Kamille. (Full details here.)

Tyrus laughed off criticism that he is unworthy of his success. He mocked the haters as trolls behind computer screens. Tyrus can’t hear them over the millions that watch him on TV. He suggested that all those trolls find a wrestler to support, and he’ll give that person a title shot. In the meantime, the rest of the world will bask in the glory of Tyrus as undisputed champion.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Cyon retained against Homicide. Austin Idol was ringside to support the masked man. Competitive bout back and forth. Cyon had the upper hand at one point and grabbed a mic demanding that Homicide apologize to Idol. Homicide’s defiant response was to call Idol a bitch. Homicide fired up for an exploder suplex, tornado DDT, and Three Amigos to honor Eddie Guerrero. Cyon came back for a superplex. Homicide rallied for a Koji cutter. That didn’t get the job done. Cyon dug deep for a spinning bomb. He finished with a rolling Death Valley Driver.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Tyrus retained against Matt Cardona. The stipulation was No Seconds Ringside for a one-on-one contest. Bully Ray was special guest commentator. Shenanigans erupted when Tyrus clotheslined the referee by accident. Tyrus hit an exploder suplex and a standing elbow drop for the three-count, but the ref was down. Rolando Freeman ran in with a chair to attack Tyrus. Tyrus shed it off to suplex Freeman. Cardona struck with the chair and the title belt, but that only earned a two-count. Tyrus squished the referee again by accident on a corner splash. Mike Knox ran in putting the boots to Tyrus. Bully saw enough and evened the playing field. Tyrus rallied for the Tongan Death Grip chokeslam to win. (Full details here.)

Afterward, Bully put over Tyrus as a man who busted his ass working to the top. Love him or hate him, Tyrus deserves respect. Tyrus thanked Bully for the positive words. Any time Bully wants a title shot, Tyrus will sign the contract. But make no mistake. They aren’t friends. Mic drop by Tyrus to close the show.

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