Let's replace Adam Pearce on the Raw after WM

I've enjoyed him as a character, I think the man behind the gimmick does a great job with the material he is given, but "WWE Official" Adam Pearce is often portrayed as overwhelmed, indecisive, and disrespected - be it by the Bloodline, Ronda Rousey, Sonya Deville, Dexter Lumis, or others. I think Raw and Smackdown would benefit greatly post wrestlemania from the appointment of one (or two) new authority figures, preferably with actual titles like "general manager." Preferably neither face nor heel (like Regal in NXT, or kind of like Pearce). And appearing sparingly. And most importantly, in charge. Regal apparently is restricted from on-screen roles, so I don't have any great alternate suggestions, and am soliciting suggestions. LA Knight? Bobby Roode? Randy Orton? Roddy Strong?

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