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Andrade revealed as CMLL mystery luchador

Last week, CMLL aired a vignette teasing a mystery luchador. Speculation ran wild for the return of Andrade to his old stomping grounds. This week, CMLL revealed that person’s identity, and it was indeed El Idolo.

Andrade explained his return to CMLL for the first time since 2015. He remembers from where he came. La Sombra voyages home to Arena Mexico on December 15.

Andrade began his career in CMLL during 2007 as Brillante before transitioning into La Sombra. He won several championships during his run and also formed the original lineup of Los Ingobernables. La Sombra lost his mask to Atlantis at the 82nd Anniversary show on September 18, 2015. It wasn’t long after that when he exited to sign with WWE (where reports say he could be headed back to, which could explain squeezing his return to Mexico in while it’s still possible).

CMLL announced the match for Andrade’s return. He will be competing in trios action alongside Soberano Jr. and Angel de Oro against Mistico, Atlantis Jr., and Star Jr. If Andrade sticks around for more than one date, there are a few directions for a singles match. Andrade could wrestle CMLL’s biggest star in Mistico, or El Idolo could seek revenge on Atlantis by battling his son.

The December 15 event will be available for live viewing through Boletia and their video service with Neerme.

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