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Taya Valkyrie returns for ROH feud brewing between Johnny TV and Dalton Castle

Taya Valkyrie is back. La Wera Loca was last seen on TV in the AEW/ROH universe on the losing end of a trios match on Rampage airing September 8. Taya made her return to screen with a surprise appearance on ROH TV episode 41 (Dec. 7, 2023).

Johnny TV wrestled Dalton Castle. The Boys flanked the peacock to add their unique methods of assistance. Castle was primed to finish with the Bangarang. Apparently, Taya saw enough. Her music played over the loud speaker to announce her presence. La Wera Loca delivered a double clothesline to lay out The Boys. Taya taunted Castle.


Johnny hit a springboard kick. Taya hopped onto the apron to cheer for her husband. Kiera Hogan ran in to pull Taya down. That distraction allowed Castle to quickly regroup and pounce for the Bangarang to win.

This story continued backstage for a gloriously wacky promo exchange.

Castle was excited about his participation in the ROH television title match at Final Battle. It’s time that the viewers finally get what they deserve, a champion made for TV. Castle sarcastically questioned who in the company is more made for television. Right as Castle was going to name himself as the answer, Johnny entered to interrupt.

Johnny dropped the ultimate insult. He compared bland man Castle to a stale wafer dropped behind the couch found three weeks later.

Johnny and Castle argued by naming random TV shows. Taya intervened to downplay Castle’s win over Johnny. It only happened because he had an army to help. Taya stung Castle by saying he will never be a real life action star like Johnny.

Press play and enjoy the absurdity.

The Final Battle PPV takes place on December 15. Johnny is not currently on the card, however, there is still one spot remaining in the Survival of the Fittest match to crown a new ROH TV champion. Castle already qualified for that bout. Time will tell if Johnny receives an invitation to continue the debate over ROH’s greatest television star.

Are you Team Johnny or Team Castle?

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