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Callis Family apprentice, Taiga style & underdog qualify for ROH TV title match at Final Battle

Final Battle will mark the start of a new era for the ROH World Television Championship. After Samoa Joe vacated the gold, ROH announced a Survival of the Fittest match to crown the new titleholder. Three qualifying bouts took place on ROH TV episode 41 (Dec. 7, 2023).

Callis Family apprentice Kyle Fletcher bulldozed through Gravity. The luchador showed fighting spirit, but he was no match for Fletcher. The Aussie finished with a hammerlock piledriver to advance to Final Battle.


Beware of Taiga Style. Lee Moriarty used his special skills to take down Tracy Williams in a technical duel. Moriarty’s work damaging the hand paid off. When Williams locked in a crossface, Moriarty grabbed hand control to loosen the grip for escape. Moriarty snapped Williams’ fingers to set up an enziguri. The Taiga earned the win on a suplex flatliner.


An underdog will be in the mix at Final Battle. Lee Johnson scored an upset victory over Josh Woods. Johnson had been floating aimlessly with a mixed record of success, while Woods racked off eight straight wins. It looked like the streak would improve to nine when Woods executed a gutwrench powerbomb, but Johnson kicked out on the cover. Big Shotty rolled over to the corner trying to clear his head. Woods sized up his prey waiting to pounce with a running knee strike. Woods charged forth, Johnson scooted to the side, and Woods collided into the turnbuckles. Johnson kicked Woods in the head to stun him long enough to land a frog splash. Johnson earned a shot at the ROH TV title.


Fletcher, Moriarty, and Johnson join Dalton Castle and Komander, who punched their ticket in qualifying contests last week, as five of the six participants in Survival of the Fittest at Final Battle on December 15. The winner will become the next ROH TV champion.

You can find the current Final Battle card here.

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