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Samoa Joe’s Sweet Tooth is coming back, and other wrestling-related Hollywood news

Keeping the “entertainment” in sports entertainment, here’s a rundown of some recent wrestling & wrestler-related items from Hollywood:

Samoa Joe’s Sweet Tooth will be back as Peacock renews Twisted Metal for a second season

As that video announcing the second season of the streamer’s action/comedy/drama adaptation of the popular video game series will remind you, AEW’s Samoa Joe (billed under his real name Joe Seanoa) only provides the killer clown’s physical performance while Will Arnett voices the character. It takes some getting used to, but whether you love or hate the approach a lot of credit should go to Joe for making it works as well as it does.

Overall the show is a lot of fun, and was apparently a big hit for the Comcast/NBCUniversal-owned streamer. The first season also set-up a lot more story in its closing episode, so it’s cool we’re getting more of it.

Joe wasn’t a weekly presence on AEW/ROH shows while filming season one, so it’s likely he’ll be taking some time while they make season two. Factor that into your predictions for his World title match with MJF at Worlds End in a few weeks.

Bidding heats up for John Cena’s Coyote vs. Acme

Warner Bros made news when they decided to take a tax write-off rather than release the completed Looney Tunes movie, a live action/animation hybrid featuring Cena as its villain. But it wasn’t the way anyone wants to be in the news, not even a big soulless corporation. After a backlash from fans and the creative community, the studio changed course and agreed to shop it to other distributors.

Deadline says Warners wants more than $70 million for those distribution rights, and are “playing hardball” on the price. That’s led Sony and Apple to decide against bidding for Coyote vs. Acme despite the positive reception it got at screenings. Paramount (which would releases the movie in theaters before putting it on their streaming service) and Netflix have made bids, and Amazon is apparently considering doing the same.

Hopefully we’ll be able to see Cena share the screen with Wile E. somewhere in 2024.

The Iron Claw gets a streaming home

It’s not even out yet, but Sean Durkin’s movie about The Von Erich family tragedy is getting some awards buzz. And now we know where you’ll be able to stream it after its theatrical run. Its studio, A24, signed a deal with WBD to make Max the streaming home for a slew of recent and upcoming releases — including The Iron Claw. So that’s where you’ll be able to see that at some point in 2024.

Should be a good year for wrestling & wrestlers in Hollywood!

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