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Dralistico declares free agency from AAA

Dralistico officially declared his free agency from AAA on the lucha libre scene in Mexico.

It appears that Dralistico and AAA parted ways on positive terms. He thanked the promotion for wrestling at major events and winning the tag titles. Now, Dralistico is independent in Mexico. He wants to face the best on the indie scene.

Dralistico’s final match for AAA was in the main event of Guerra de Titanes on November 19. He challenged Hijo del Vikingo for the Megacampeonato in a singles duel. This was a solid contest that was conducted fair and square. There were no shenanigans nor did the action become violent. It was pure lucha libre. Vikingo rallied in the end. The champ caught the challenger on a springboard destroyer to counter for a fireman’s carry ram slam into the corner. Vikingo followed with a running knee strike to the spine and finished with a 630 senton.

Dralistico is already making moves for a date booked with Robles Promotions on February 18 in a triple threat against Pentagon Jr. and Marco Corleone (aka Mark Jindrak).

Dralistico’s free agency move only applies to Mexico. Overall, the luchador is currently signed with AEW, where he is a member of La Faccion Ingobernable with brother Rush, Preston Vance, and Jose The Assistant.

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