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MLW’s new masked wrestler looks suspiciously like Mance Warner

Mance Warner is banned from Major League Wrestling after losing a Loser Leaves MLW match to Matt Cardona. Ole Mancer made a call for a replacement to help the Second Gear Crew, and this masked man looks suspiciously similar to the Southern Psychopath.

Warner was sent packing at Fightland after Steph De Lander made a surprise appearance. SDL is Mancer’s girlfriend in real life, but she is also Cardona’s heater on the indies. When push came to shove, De Lander chose money over love. She tackled Warner through a table to hand the victory to Cardona.

Warner was disappointed that he wouldn’t be around to celebrate with Matthew Justice and Manders as new MLW tag team champions. Ole Mancer put his blood, sweat, and tears into building MLW. He delivered a pep-talk to Manders to carry the Second Gear Crew attitude. Warner also hinted that a pal named Masked Good Brother #3 is coming in to help SGC.

Masked Good Brother #3 arrived the following week and bonded with Manders over cold beer hoping SGC had room for a new drinking buddy. I’m not saying with 100% certainty that Masked Good Brother #3 and Mance Warner are one in the same, but, well, you be the judge on the resemblance. They both enjoy cold beer, lariats, and hitting the pay window, although, who doesn’t love those things? They also appear to be wearing the exact same clothes and speaking in the same cadence, baby. It’s a tough call, so we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

Masked Good Brother #3 has plans for One-Shot on Thursday, December 7. His eyes are on fighting Mister Saint Laurent’s World Titan Federation sports entertainers.

What’s your take on the departure of Mance Warner and the arrival of Masked Good Brother #3 to MLW?

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