The Nightly: December 5th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

So today was alright, kind of painful. Had to go to the dentist today, had to get a couple of fillings, as well as to fix a broken tooth. Thankfully things are now a lot better. Wasn’t exactly peaceful, but not as painful as it could have been, was numb throughout the whole thing. Will probably play some old games tonight, maybe replay Simpsons Hit and Run or Fairly Oddparents Breakin Da Rules, used to play those games all the time growing up, and I pretty much know them inside and out, like the back of my hand. I could probably speedrun Simpsons Hit and Run in only a few hours, not sure about Breakin’ Da Rules, though I can’t imagine it being much longer than a few hours as well, played them all the time, so I know my way around them and how to play those games.

On to the Nightly.

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