Why AEW Has Problems Currently

The problems in AEW started after All Out 2022. The problem was AEW was on a major high when C.M. Punk decided to go after the company on the mic and in the locker room with his bosses. No matter who was at fault or how you feel about the situation Kenny Omega, Matt & Nick Jackson were Phil Brooks' bosses in AEW. He should have been automatically fired then for his actions. If you or me did that to your bosses, not only would you be fired, there's an excellent chance that you would be arrested for it. Keeping him around seriously hurt the company's morale in the back. Yes, Punk had his friends, but they were more against him.

When Collision came on, C.M. Punk returned after his suspension. Not only did he return on his own show, none of the wrestlers who didn't like him appeared on the show. Ratings were dropping almost immediately because most of the star power was on Dynamite and away from Brooks. Come All In 2023 in London (AEW's biggest night in their short history), Phil Brooks not only attacked "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry, he tried to assault AEW owner Tony Khan (according to various online accounts of the incident}. This lead of course to him being released by the company.

I hate to tell a secret all this led to backstage angst over the entire situation. Which to led to the current problem with AEW's tv Nielsen ratings. Brooks' firing led to losing some of the audience, it has continued to fall even after the Brooks' incident.

The reason now is the garbage matches on tv. This is 2023 and not 1983. You can't get decent ratings with Wardlow squashing his opponents or care enough just to see Darby Allin that they would stay to watch him fight someone who you know is going to lose to Allin. Almost every match on Dynamite, Collision, Ring of Honor & Rampage is a wrestler you know ahead of time will definitely lose to the other wrestler. It is too obvious who is going to win ahead of time. Even some of the PPVs are the same way. I haven't watched the show in weeks because of it. That is part of the reason I stopped WWE, and now I am not watching AEW. When you're advertising, watch our show to see what Darby Allin is going to say. Allin is not Dusty or Flair on the microphone. They need to start having unknown outcomes to keep the viewer invested in watching the show.

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