The Nightly: December 4th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

So today was okay, mainly worked all day, it went okay. After that, I mainly played guitar, mainly some Marilyn Manson. I opted not to watch Raw, as nothing about it interested me. They’re not really doing anything that interested me. They’re not doing anything great with Becky Lynch right now, and apparently Punk wasn’t on tonight, so for me, there was no real reason to tune in. I have heard that he’ll be back both on SmackDown as well as next week’s Raw, so I’ll be watching the next couple of shows. Apparently they’re teasing Becky vs. Nia, which just why? What makes them think that that is a good idea? Especially after how Nia injured Becky a few years back? It’s not worth the risk, and even if nothing happens, it’s not even an interesting feud to begin with, it just feels like such a waste of Becky Lynch, but that seems to be all that they’ve done with Becky this year for the most part, just wasting her talent.

On to the Nightly.

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