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CMLL Roundup: Tessa Blanchard title match, mystery luchador tease, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world. There were two buzzworthy items coming out of Friday night’s show (Dec. 1, 2023).

Tessa Blanchard challenged Stephanie Vaquer for the CMLL Women’s World Championship. Blanchard worked an aggressive rudo style with a Death Valley Driver on the floor. Vaquer rallied with an armbar in the ropes to take control. The match progressed as even competitors. In the end, Vaquer left no doubt that she is better. The champ went on a run for Eat Defeat, running knees into the corner, and a flying Codebreaker. Vaquer rubbed it in executing Blanchard’s hammerlock DDT. The pinfall came on a package piledriver lift into a neckbreaker over the knee. Vaquer conquered her foe to remain champion.


The battle was over, but the war wasn’t done. During the celebration, Blanchard slapped Vaquer across the face. The champion retaliated by hitting Blanchard with the title belt. With the way bad blood is boiling, hair versus hair is not out of the realm of possibility. Time will tell.


Enjoy the highlights from Vaquer versus Blanchard for the CMLL Women’s World Championship.

CMLL also teased the arrival of a mystery luchador. Based on the vignette, many are speculating that it is Andrade. There is the fancy suit, jewelry, and gold watch. Andrade made his name in CMLL as La Sombra prior to signing with WWE, so a return would be a big deal. I understand why Andrade seems to be a logical conclusion, but I’m not so sure it is El Idolo. The walk seems stiffer than Andrade’s gliding strut, as if the knees belong to an older wrestler.

You be the judge.

Last on the list is the main event from Friday night. Barbaro Cavernario, El Terrible, and Dragon Rojo Jr. competed against Volador Jr., Mascara Dorada, and Mistico. The rudos are working a new alliance called Los Barbaros. They were joined by amazona La Comandante and micro Kemalito. The tecnicos had a heroic rally in the third fall, but mischief marred the finish. Mistico was rocking in control, then Kemalito hugged his leg as a distraction. Comandante pulled off Mistico’s mask. Cavernario scored a roll-up, however, Mistico kicked out. The tecnico went to his bread and butter for La Mistica armbar to win.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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