Tag Team Weekly Roundup and Power Rankings: Will the rise of Diamond Mine strike gold?

Not many NXT acts have recently received the grand introduction that the Diamond Mine trio has enjoyed. Anybody who’s been watching them for a while knows they have potential, but the question is always how that will translate to the main roster.

In the case of the Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile, the answer is: Very well.

The Creeds ran through the competition in the Tag Team Turmoil gauntlet on Monday to earn themselves a title match against Judgment Day. Defeating, in succession, DIY, New Day, and Imperium allowed the brothers to showcase plenty of their potential along the way.

In previous weeks, bookers wisely put Julius and Brutus Creed in the ring with other teams who wrestle a complementary style in Alpha Academy and DIY, which resulted in two wins in two weeks – three if you count their NXT swan song win over Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo in a wild hardcore match.

And while Ivy Nile was underused in NXT (albeit getting a lot of wins on its B show, LevelUp), she had a nice showcase in her debut in a women’s battle royal a few weeks ago. Ivy had some eliminations and made it to the final four before an already-eliminated Nia Jax pulled her out. While it’s hard to see Ivy getting a win over Nia, given their relative positions on the card, she will still have the crowd behind her and can pull off some nice power moves. Unfortunately, she hasn’t done much competing since.

The Creeds certainly have tag champ potential, and Julius a very high ceiling as a singles wrestler farther down the line due to his freakish ability. Do they seem at the level of Judgment Day? Not really – and that’s true of pretty much any tag team – but JD’s many enemies could always play a hand in a title switch.

And even if that doesn’t happen sooner than later, if the trio gets regular showcases on weekly TV, that’s a win for wrestling fans.

The following Tag Team Power Rankings take into account wins, power and placement of segments, recentness of appearances, creative direction and momentum for teams and factions.

WWE Tag Team Power Rankings through Dec. 1:

1. Judgment Day (last week: 1)

Pro: Rhea Ripley is still women's champ; Senor Money in the Bank Damian Priest and Finn Balor hold tag gold; and Dominik Mysterio remains NXT North American champ.
Con: Dom took a loss to a returning Randy Orton, and the rest of them didn't do much.

2. Chelsea Green and Piper Niven (6)

Pro: The women's tag champs successfully defended their titles against Tegan Nox and Natalya.
Con: It showed that Piper is definitely the potent participant of the team, though Chelsea remains more of an MVP candidate than a weak link.

3. Diamond Mine (not ranked)

Pro: Defeated three teams on the way to winning the gauntlet for #1 contendership.
Con: Don't seem up to the level of Judgment Day ... yet.

4. The D'Angelo Family (4)

Pro: The champs retained in a fun match with Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo.
Con: Hopefully get more build for their next title defense..

5. Imperium (2)

Pro: Gunther is still Intercontinental Champion, and a dominant one.
Con: Imperium was a one-and-done in the most favorable draw in the tag team gauntlet match.

6. Damage CTRL (3)

Pro: Iyo Sky is still the champ with a cool-looking squad ...
Con: ... who are probably going to lose to Bianca Belair, as Kairi Sane did, to set up a title opportunity.

7. DIY (not ranked)

Pro: Picked up two wins in the gauntlet match for #1 contendership and finally got to show a bit more of what they do in the ring. Johnny also got to show out on NXT.
Con: Got pinned by the Creed Brothers. Gargano couldn't pick up the win in his return to his old stomping grounds.

8. Bobby Lashley and Street Profits (9)

Pro: Lashley got back into action with a W over Butch.
Con: Now the Profits need to find ways to impress their leader.

9. Meta-Four (8)

Pro: Noam Dar is still the Heritage Cup and the group is still entertaining.
Con: Three of the Four will need to find a way to defeat visiting Alpha Academy next week.

10. Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo (6)

Pro: Had a fun match for the championships with The Family.
Con: Lost that match.

Tag Team Segment of the Week: The Family and Angel/Humberto put on a solid title match which should kick off a nice run for the champs in a pretty deep NXT scene.

Grade: A-

Good to see two title matches (especially since the women's belts haven't had a lot) but an underwhelming week for Judgment Day, main-roster men's tag champs.

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