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LA Knight responds to boobirds in return to his wrestling ‘home’

Most of the Baltimore crowd seemed to be with their fellow Marylander when he vowed to become WWE champion, but enough didn’t that he chose to acknowledge them. Are fans slowly turning on The Megastar?

The day after Christmas saw CM Punk and Randy Orton successfully return to the ring at live events in New York and Baltimore, respectively. But one return that went overlooked was that of LA Knight to his home state of Maryland.

Last Saturday, hundreds gathered in University Plaza in Hagerstown, MD, to see Knight, their hometown boy, receive the key to the city. The Megastar gave an uplifting speech and talked about what it meant to be from Hagerstown.

“For me, Hagerstown is a place that has a small town kinda blue-collar feel but with a big city kinda dream,” Knight said. “If you take nothing else from today, I just want you to take that little inspiration and know, anything you want to be, anything you want to do, you can do it.”

Then, on Tuesday (Dec. 26), Knight defeated Jimmy Uso in a Baltimore Street Fight. Following his victory, Knight reminisced about the times he attended shows at the historic CFG Bank Arena, formerly known as the Baltimore Arena, before vowing to become the WWE Champion.

“I stand here before you today because I knew, at some point or another, I’m gonna fail along the way. I’ve failed a thousand times and I kept goin’. Maybe I’m stupid, maybe I don’t know how to quit, but damn it, I’m standing here and I will be WWE Champion.”

The majority of those assembled responded favorably to Knight. However, there were some boobirds in the crowd, which caught Knight’s attention. To his credit, he didn’t deny their voices or pretend like he didn’t hear them. Like everything else he does, Knight addressed it head-on, saying:

“But don’t think I didn’t hear all of you. Most of you are out here cheerin’ for me, and that’s what we’re talking about. There’s a couple of boos out there, and I’m okay with that. I embrace that. Give it to me. Because here’s the thing. Whether you like me or you don’t, I’m not asking you, I’m telling you whose game this is, with everybody sayin’...”

The Baltimore fans then filled in the blank by saying his name before Knight closed with his signature line, “Yeah!”

On television, Knight continues to come off as one of the most popular performers in WWE, and he’s said to be one of the top merch movers in the company. And while Knight isn’t the first babyface in wrestling to endure a smattering of boos (or worse), it is surprising that there was a strong vocal minority in his home state.

And so the question becomes is what Knight heard in Baltimore the typical response from a minor group of fans going against the grain, or is there a slow-growing movement that is beginning to tire of Knight and his act?

Only time will tell.


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