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Charlotte didn’t let a bad knee stop her from seeing Andrade in CMLL

After Charlotte Flair tore her ACL, MCL, and meniscus in a match with Asuka on the Dec. 8 SmackDown, WWE announced that their 14 time Women’s champion will be out for nine months.

Reports indicate that she’ll be getting surgery next month. In the meantime, Flair took a trip to Mexico City to watch her husband wrestle for CMLL on Fri., Dec. 22. Fans at Arena Mexico spotted her making her way to a ringside seat on crutches.

It was Andrade’s second week in a row working CMLL’s Super Viernes show, something its been speculated he wanted to do before leaving AEW (which will allow its wrestlers to appear for other promotions) and returning to WWE (which historically doesn’t). For her part, Flair is said to have recently re-signed with WWE on a very lucrative deal. All of which explains why CMLL used her real name while addressing her appearance:

A nice moment as Flair gets ready for what figures to be a tough rehab from knee surgery. Her man can counsel her through her comeback, though — Andrade missed some of last year and the first six months of 2023 due to torn pec that required surgery.

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