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Bandido confirms injury rumors

All Elite Wrestling

Rumors were swirling that Bandido suffered a setback in recovery from a broken wrist. The man himself confirmed the injury news.

Hello everyone!! I’m not fine! My wrist still bad and I thought this was the last part of my recovery! I have three options to fix my wrist, two of them need surgery again. the other way is with physiotherapy but we need to wait and see how the wrist responds.

I feel very bad because I just started my new chapter in AEW and now I don’t have clean how long time it will take outside to the ring. I’m very sorry with the company and the fans who still supporting me in this bad time.

I’m trying to do my best in this hard time of my life and I hope see you all as soon as possible thank you very much for all your love.


Bandido originally suffered the injury in June this year. The former ROH world champion became All Elite in November of 2022.

Well wishes for a healthy healing process for Bandido.

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