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Dutch Mantell is on the mend after recent health crisis

The wrestler turned podcaster may be coming home soon.

Dutch Mantell, a former WWE star and current podcaster, was hospitalized earlier this month with an undisclosed illness. Over the weekend, Mantell shared an update on his condition on his Facebook page, and it appears that “Dirty” Dutch is on the mend.

Hey guys. First off thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. I am just now realizing how many there were. The good news is I am on the mend and doing better.

In a nutshell, I had an infection and it turned into sepsis by the time I got to the hospital. I have been pretty out of it but my daughter Amanda has been here the whole time and kept the drs and nurses straight! To be fair though I think even if I had died, she would have just had me stuffed and said no you can’t leave yet. Sepsis can make you very confused and say some pretty out there things which is why she requested no one call or text me. We needed time for those antiobotics [sic] to do their thing. 5 days of IV antiobotics [sic] and 10 days of oral. The drs are watching everything very close to make sure it’s cleared and not coming back.

I am being very well taken care of. I have been transferred to a rehab facility for now. I will be here a while longer as I get my strength back and will have to do physical therapy. If all continues to improve I should be able to go home next week. It’s not time to tap out just yet, so you guys are going to have to listen to my bullshit a while longer. Thanks again guys.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sepsis is a serious condition in which the body responds improperly to an infection. Sepsis may progress to septic shock and can lead to death.

During this time, Mantell’s podcast, Story Time with Dutch Mantell, has continued to run via a series of pre-taped episodes prior to Mantell’s illness. His co-host, James Romero, provided an update regarding the show, saying the channel “will have content posted until towards the end of the month.” The show is expected to resume once Mantell is well and ready to go.

Mantell is a Vietnam War veteran who began his career in the early 1970s. He wrestled in several territories, including Puerto Rico, and had a couple of runs in WWE, both as a manager. Throughout his journey in professional wrestling, Mantell has also served as a booker and producer for various promotions, including Total Nonstop Action (TNA, currently Impact Wrestling).

His podcast, Story Time with Dutch Mantell, had recently passed 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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