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CMLL Roundup: Andrade returns, Rocky Romero loses title, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

Andrade made his return to CMLL on Friday night (Dec. 15, 2023). El Idolo grew through the ranks as La Sombra developing into a superstar before parting ways to sign with WWE. After eight years, Andrade returned to Arena Mexico.

Andrade planned to bring CJ Perry with him. Unfortunately, CJ missed the show due to hospitalization from a serious infection.

Andrade teamed with Soberano Jr. and Angel de Oro against Mistico, Atlantis Jr., and Star Jr. in trios action. Andrade rolled rudo for the bout picking on fan favorite Mistico. El Idolo pinned Mistico on running knees in the corner to win the first fall. The tecnicos evened the score when Mistico surprised Andrade with a roll-up in the second fall. The rudos were victorious when Angel de Oro threw mascota Kemalito at the referee as a distraction for Soberano Jr. to kick Atlantis Jr. in the groin. Soberano Jr. secured a roll-up for victory. Also of note, Soberano Jr. and Atlantis Jr. set up a singles match for next week.

Enjoy the highlights of Andrade’s return to CMLL.

Andrade’s next date for CMLL is already lined up. El Idolo returns on December 22 for a personal trios bout. Andrade is elevating his family into the spotlight against Volador Jr. and students. It will be Andrade, Espanto Jr., and Brillante Jr. versus Volador Jr., Magnus, and Magia Blanca.

Rocky Romero has been running his mouth a long time since returning to CMLL. His tough talk finally caught up to him when Mascara Dorada won the World Historic Welterweight Championship from Azucar. Dorada rallied to win via shooting star press in an action-packed match.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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