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Callis Family wins their first championship at Final Battle

Don Callis has collected a murderers’ row of talent to form the Callis Family. And now, they have their first championship in the group. Kyle Fletcher won Survival of the Fittest to earn the ROH World Television Championship at Final Battle (Dec. 15, 2023).

Survival of the Fittest was a six-way elimination bout with Fletcher, Komander, Dalton Castle, Lee Moriarty, Lee Johnson, and Bryan Keith. The action was a non-stop blaze of glory. Johnson was the first elimination. Moriarty sent him packing on a Border City Stretch submission. Moriarty picked up his second elimination when Johnny TV distracted Castle. Taiga Style pounced for an Impaler DDT to pin the peacock. Moriarty was ousted via tiger driver from Keith. The Bounty Hunter met his demise at the hands of Fletcher on a tombstone piledriver.

The final two came down to Fletcher and Komander. They tore the house down with an exciting duel. The Texas crowd was firmly behind the luchador rooting hard for Komander to win gold.

Fletcher used his size advantage to pound the masked man. Komander unleashed his speed to send Fletcher reeling. The Aussie caught a slingshot rana on the apron to counter for a piledriver. Komander barely beat the count back into the ring. Fletcher continued his assault. The crowd rallied behind their hero chanting, “Yes, you can,” in Spanish for support. Komander fired up for an amazing springboard destroyer. Energy increased from the fans in anticipation of the three-count, but Fletcher kicked out.

Komander continued his momentum with a rope-walking 450 splash on the apron. He followed up for a 450 splash in the ring. 1, 2, kick out by Fletcher.

Komander went up top intent on another 450 splash, however, Fletcher kicked out the luchador’s legs. The Aussie struck with an avalanche brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle.

Komander’s fighting spirit did not extinguish. He kicked out at 2 on the cover. The damage was done though. Fletcher added a running knee from behind to pave the way for a hammerlock tombstone piledriver to win. The crowd was crushed. Fletcher brings home the first championship to the Callis Family.

The electricity of the fan reaction truly elevated the final dance between Fletcher and Komander. The wrestlers did great work themselves drawing the emotion. The action combined with the atmosphere raised this bout to a show-stealing level.

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The Final Battle replay is available through ROH HonorClub. Check out the full results here.

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