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Surprise appearances from Mark Henry & Scorpio Sky help Ethan Page in I Quit match at ROH Final Battle

Ethan Page entered the I Quit match outnumbered by Tony Nese and Mark Sterling at ROH Final Battle (Dec. 15, 2023), but surprise appearances from a pair of friends evened the playing field. Mark Henry and Scorpio Sky came to Page’s aid when All Ego was in need.

Per the stipulation, Sterling was required to be handcuffed to the ring post in an effort to stifle his cheating ways. The lawyer protested before the bout was underway, so Henry came out to a pop from his home Texas crowd. The World’s Strongest Man enforced the rule to force Sterling into handcuffs.

The match progressed with foreign objects fitting for Nese as a personal trainer, such as protein powder, a 45-pound weight plate, and a jump rope. Page snatched the jump rope to whip his adversary. Nese pleaded that he couldn’t take anymore. That was a ruse, since he never said that he quits. Nese used that trick to jab Page in the throat.

Nese set up tables on the outside, however, that ended up backfiring when he was the victim of a cutter off the apron through the wood.

When Nese regained control, he forcibly stole the keys from ring announcer Bobby Cruise to unlock Sterling. Nese also shoved the referee on the floor. The bad guys went to work double-teaming Page. Nese gave Page the opportunity to quit by explaining their plan of action. They were going to handcuff Page’s hands behind his back, smash his head with the 45-pound plate, then send the tape to his daughter. Page was in dire straits, but he refused to quit. That’s when Sky arrived as a surprise to save his old partner.

Page hit the Ego’s Edge on Sterling, and Sky escorted the lawyer to the back. In the midst of the excitement, Nese hit Page with a chair. Nese handcuffed Page’s hands behind his back. One more chance to quit. Page shouted, “Fuck you!” Nese swung the 45-pound plate, but Page ducked away. Page rallied without use of his hands for a big boot, a back body shoulder, and a shoulder tackle.

The referee released Page from the cuffs. All Ego took a home run swing with the chair knocking Nese out of the park. Page choked his enemy with the handcuffs to coerce an, “I quit.” Page celebrated with Sky and Henry on stage.

That I Quit match was a lot of fun giving Page and Nese a chance to shine as wrestlers and characters. The layout of the match offered creativity, drama, and emotion. Appearances from Henry and Sky were icing in the cake.

The Final Battle replay is available through ROH HonorClub. Check out the full results here.

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