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Mark Briscoe pins Bryan Danielson to honor Jay Briscoe at ROH Final Battle

The Briscoes will always be associated with Ring of Honor. What better way to honor the memory of Jay Briscoe than by wrestling in a badass fight in an ROH ring. That’s exactly what Mark Briscoe, FTR, and the Blackpool Combat Club did at Final Battle (Dec. 15, 2023). Dem Boys put on an instant classic.

Lines were drawn with Mark Briscoe, Dax Harwood, and Cash Wheeler on one side against formidable foes of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, and Claudio Castagnoli. The Blackpool Combat Club were default rudos, since the fans desired a happy ending for Mark to make Jay proud.

The contest started as traditional six-man rules. Highlights included nifty teamwork from Dem Top Guys for a Redneck Boogie powerbomb neckbreaker, a superplex from Harwood with Wheeler landing a flying splash and Briscoe connecting on a froggy bow, and a triple-team Shatter Machine.

The match broke out into a brawl splitting off into individual tussles around the arena floor. The referee reluctantly started his count. The competitors were so consumed with kicking ass that nobody was even close to returning to the ring. The referee ruled a double count-out as the fans chanted, “Let them fight.” Briscoe grabbed a microphone to criticize the referee for losing his mind. This match is to honor Jay. Mark requested to restart the bout as Anything Goes, then he leaped off stage for a cannonball.

Tony Khan gave the okay to proceed as a Fight Without Honor, which is basically a stipulation of violence without disqualification.

The action made its way back to the ring. Briscoe pulled out a bucket to pour tacks on top of a table. He also brought out a barbed wire ladder. The ladder spot backfired when Moxley shoved Briscoe off the turnbuckles crashing onto the steel.

Moxley curb stomped Harwood onto a chair and psychotically stabbed Wheeler in the forehead with a fork.

The Blackpool Combat Club held court with extreme savagery. Moxley raked barbed wire across Wheeler’s head as Danielson applied the LeBell Lock. Wheeler refused to quit, and Briscoe made the save. Moxley snatched Briscoe for a rear naked choke, while Danielson and Claudio put FTR in sleeper holds. Briscoe was fading. Harwood was able to make the save by stumbling onto the pile for the break.

Dem Top Guys turned the tide in the end. Wheeler tackled Claudio through a table, and Harwood hit a jumping piledriver off the apron through the tacked table. The finish came down to Briscoe versus Danielson. The American Dragon unleashed kicks to the chest. Danielson shouted that this isn’t Briscoe’s night. Briscoe blurted in defiance, “Fuck you!” Danielson went for the kill shot. Briscoe ducked the Busaiku Knee to counter for the Jay Driller on top of chairs. Briscoe pinned Danielson to win.

Briscoe and FTR celebrated victory by reaching for the sky. This fight would have made Jay proud. It was equal parts badass, quality wrestling, dramatic, and emotional. Given the circumstances, instant classic is written all over it.

Also to celebrate the legacy of Jay, ROH is releasing a special action figure set of the Briscoes.

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The Final Battle replay is available through ROH HonorClub. Check out the full results here.

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