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ROH Final Battle 2023 live results: Athena main event, BCC vs. FTR & Briscoe, more!

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor returns with the Final Battle event on Fri., Dec. 15, 2023, from the greater Dallas area — specifically Garland, Texas’ Curtis Culwell Center. The card has five title fights headlined by Athena defending the ROH Women’s World championship against her former trainee Billie Starkz. We’ll also see FTR join forces with Mark Briscoe to take on Blackpool Combat Club in a Fight Without Honor in honor of the late, great Jay Briscoe, and much more.

Final Battle streams exclusively on ROH’s HonorClub subscription streaming service. The PPV starts at 8pm ET with the free “Zero Hour” pre-show an hour earlier.

Follow along here for updates, and have fun chatting with your fellow Cagesiders about the show in the comments!


Zero Hour pre-show

Taya Valkyrie defeated Jazmin Allure. Johnny TV was by his wife’s side with matching fur coats. Taya dominated the match. Allure’s brief rally was cut short on a superplex by Taya. La Wera Loca closed it out with a double underhook buttbuster and a curb stomp.

Von Erichs defeated Outrunners. The Von Erichs entered to the Stranglehold theme song. Hot tag to Marshall cleaning house. The Outrunners teamwork backfired on an accidental monkey flip. The Von Erichs fired up for double dropkicks, double claws, and double tap-outs to win. Kevin Von Erich joined his sons in the ring after the match.

Survival of the Fittest qualifier: “Bounty Hunter” Bryan Keith defeated Jack Cartwheel. Cartwheel thrilled the crowd with cartwheel offense, such as a cartwheel dragon screw and a cartwheel powerslam. Keith had no answers for the unorthodox opponent until he scored a huge knee strike. Cartwheel charged low, and Keith clobbered him in the head. Kieth seized the moment for a sitdown powerbomb to win.

Daniel Garcia defeated Blake Christian. Gamesmanship throughout. Garcia was more on the babyface side, while Christian acted disrespectfully. Christian unloaded a stiff kick to the face, and Garcia appeared concussed on wobbly legs. Christian smiled at delivering more kicks. Garcia put up with his arms to tease dancing. Instead of dancing, he unleashed a barrage of punches and stomped a mudhole. When Christian was in the Tree of Woe, Garcia danced and delivered a running dropkick. The match progressed with Garcia’s grounded style against Christian high-flying agility. Christian was in control down the stretch for a step-up curb stomp, but Garcia caught him to counter into a Sharpshooter. Garcia cranked backward to earn the submission victory.

Eddie Kingston interrupted Tony Khan to ask why he wasn’t booked on the show. Kingston wants to fight. Anthony Henry was game for a match, so Kingston proposed a Proving Ground contest. Khan made if official.

Final Battle

AAA Megacampeonato: Hijo del Vikingo defeated Black Taurus to retain the title. Speed versus power with an amazing highlight reel of moves. Vikingo turned up the heat in the end for a counter crucifix bomb, a poison rana, running knees in the corner, and a 630 senton to win.

ROH World Six-Man Championship: Brian Cage, Bishop Kaun, & Toa Liona defeated Shane Haste, Bad Dude Tito, & Kosei Fujita to retain the titles. The challengers arrived from NJPW. The action was a frantic pace with big men moving quick. The Mogul Embassy powered through to isolate Fujita in the end. Fujita didn’t kneel. He showed mighty spirit, but that wasn’t enough to survive. Liona headbutt Fujita, then he rammed a collision into the corner. Kaun added running knees in the corner. The Gates of Agony tossed Fujita into the air for Cage to powerbomb into oblivion.

I Quit match: Ethan Page defeated Tony Nese. (Full details here.) Mark Sterling was supposed to be handcuffed to the ring post to prevent cheating, but the lawyer protested. Mark Henry made a surprise appearance to force Sterling into the cuffs. Later, Nese confiscated the keys to set Sterling free. They double-teamed Page. Nese explained that they were going to handcuff Page’s hands behind his back, bash Page’s head with a 45-pound plate, and send the tape to Page’s daughter. Scorpio Sky made a surprise appearance to save his old pal. Page and Sky beat up Sterling, then Sky walked the lawyer to the back. Nese did manage to handcuff Page’s hands behind his back. Nese swung a chair, but Page ducked. Page rallied with offense without the use of his arms, such as a shoulder tackle. The referee unlocked Page. All Ego cracked Nese with a chair. Page choked Nese with the handcuffs forcing him to say, “I quit.”

Nyla Rose defeated Vertvixen. The Native Beast dominated her opponent to win via Beast Bomb.

ROH World Television Championship in Survival of the Fittest: Kyle Fletcher outlasted Dalton Castle, Komander, Lee Moriarty, Lee Johnson, and Bryan Keith to win the vacant title. (Full details here.) Six-way elimination match. Johnson was out first via Border City Stretch from Moriarty. Castle was distracted by Johnny TV, and Moriarty pounced for an impaler DDT to pin Castle. Moriarty was eliminated via tiger driver from Keith. The Bounty Hunter bit the dust on a hammerlock piledriver from Fletcher. Fletcher and Komander were the final two. Their showdown tore the house down with high-octane moves and dramatic near falls. Fletcher prevailed in the end with a hammerlock piledriver to claim gold.

ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler Yuta defeated Tom Lawlor to retain the title. Pure rules in effect. Judges were Christopher Daniels, Jimmy Jacobs, and Jerry Lynn. Yuta used his first rope break on an armbar. Yuta fooled the referee to land a closed-fist punch on Lawlor. Filthy Tom responded in kind with a closed-fist punch of his own, so the referee issued an official warning to Lawlor. Yuta took control on a chopblock. Lawlor used his first rope break on a single-leg crab. Yuta used his second break to escape a double wristlock. Yuta punched Lawlor with a closed fist out of desperation to buy recovery time. The referee issued an official warning to Yuta. The champ used his third and final break when Lawlor executed a Spanish Fly keylock transitioning to a double wristlock. In the end, Lawlor had a chickenwing submission cinched tight. Yuta rolled backward to stack Lawlor’s shoulders on the mat for a pinfall, so Lawlor released the submission. Yuta was quicker to move, and he hit a drop toehold transitioning to the seat belt pin for victory. The finish had a little bit of controversy. Lawlor’s foot touched the ropes, but the referee didn’t rule that as a break. Afterward on the Code of Honor handshake, Yuta struck a low blow to Lawlor. Hook ran out for the save. Yuta scurried out of the ring. When Hook checked in Lawlor, Yuta hit a low blow to his rival. Yuta planted Hook with a DDT to close the scene.

Keith Lee defeated Shane Taylor. Meat on meat hoss fight. Meat! The holy shit moment was Taylor executing an avalanche destroyer. The closing sequence started with a knockout punch from Taylor. Lee partially blocked the blow, and that allowed him to kick out on the cover. Taylor went for a second knockout punch, however, Lee countered for a fireman’s carry powerslam to win.

Bryan Keith wants to prove himself as champion material. He aims to collect gold. Orange Cassidy walked in with the AEW International Championship to challenge Kieth for a match on Collision.

Fight to Honor Jay Briscoe: Mark Briscoe & FTR versus Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, & Claudio Castagnoli ended in double count-out. (Full details here.) After a lengthy standard tag team affair, emotions took over for a melee throughout the ringside area. The referee was lenient for time, however, he still had a job to do and issued a double count-out.

Mark Briscoe grabbed the mic to explain how this match was to honor his brother. He requested the match restart as Anything Goes, then he jumped off stage for a cannonball onto the pile of bodies below.

Tony Khan sent word to restart the match as a Fight Without Honor.

Fight Without Honor: Mark Briscoe & FTR defeated Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, & Claudio Castagnoli. Bloody violence erupted with tables, chairs, tacks, forks, and a barbed wire ladder. The finish came down to Briscoe and Danielson. Briscoe ducked a Busaiku Knee to counter for a Jay Driller onto chairs for victory.

Proving Ground match: Eddie Kingston defeated Anthony Henry. Proving Ground rules dictate that Henry needs to win or survive the ten-minute time limit to earn a future shot at the ROH World Championship. Henry couldn’t handle Kingston’s physicality, so he went to a cerebral approach to gain the upper hand for a competitive contest. Henry had momentum, but he missed on a flying stomp. Kingston blocked a head kick, then he exploded for a spinning backfist. A suplex setup a stretch plum submission for victory.

ROH Women’s World Championship: Athena defeated Billie Starkz to retain the title. (Full details here.) Lexy Nair was special ring announcer. Athena entered with a broken nose. Starkz aggressively punched Athena in the face to start the match. About midway through, ref bump! Starkz kicked out with force causing Athena to collide into the referee. Athena shot back with a stiff blow, but the ref was down unable to count the pinfall. Athena requested Lexy to hand over the title belt as a foreign object. Lexy was conflicted and a tug of war ensued. Starkz recovered to dropkick Athena from behind. The force sent Athena’s head hitting the belt. Starkz executed her Star 10 finisher, but Athena kicked out for the dramatic near fall. The closing sequence was a chess match of defense and rolling on the mat. Athena grabbed a hammerlock and rolled through to tie Starkz up into a submission. Starkz was unable to escape and verbally submit. Afterward, Starkz was dejected in both defeat and failure to please her mentor. Athena didn’t want a handshake. She wanted Starkz as her minion. Starkz grinned with glee for a group hug.

Final Battle was a mighty fine show scoring high on excitement and entertainment.

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