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Matt Cardona challenges EC3 to a deathmatch for NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Matt Cardona will speak to anyone who will listen about how he was stripped of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship due to injury. Time has come and gone with Cardona receiving opportunities but failing to bring home the Ten Pounds of Gold. Don’t let facts get in the way of a good story though. To hear Cardona tell it, he was screwed every step of the way. Cardona is always ready for a world title shot, and he’s taking matters into his own hands with a request for the champion to compete in his specialty match. Cardona challenged EC3 to a deathmatch for the NWA worlds championship.

Cardona spoke his mind in a video message.

Matt Cardona: I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

EC3, me and you, January 13th, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, NWA Paranoia. I have an idea. We settle this once and for all in the middle of that ring.

Now listen, we have a lot in common. We’re evenly matched. We both have chips on our shoulder. We’re both hungry. We both have something to prove.

You’re the Over Man, and I’m the Indy God. You’re something that I’m not, and I’m something that you’re not. You’re the NWA worlds heavyweight champion, but I am the Deathmatch King.

So, how about this? Me and you, Paranoia, NWA worlds heavyweight title on the line in a deathmatch.

NWA Paranoia takes place January 13 from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Does Cardona versus EC3 in a deathmatch for the prestigious NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship have your attention?

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