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Athena’s ROH mentor storyline explodes into Final Battle title bout

Athena has been dominant holding the ROH Women’s World Championship for 356 days and counting. The Fallen Goddess pretty much cleaned out the competition. Athena decided to take matters into her own hands to build up the division by becoming a mentor. Her work paid off creating an adversary when the storyline exploded into a title bout for Final Battle on December 15.

Athena was mentoring Lexy Nair and Billie Starkz for several months. The relationship formed in feuds with the Renegade twins then Mercedes Martinez and Diamante. Athena saw a spark in Starkz, so she decided to mold the 18-year-old to embrace the champ’s ways. Starkz had a rough time adjusting, since her natural personality was bubbly and happy.

It also wasn’t helpful that Athena continually berated and diminished Starkz’s confidence.

Starkz put up with the grief, because she viewed it as a valuable learning experience. Things came to a head when Athena conducted the M.I.T. (Minions In Training) graduation ceremony on episode 40 of ROH TV.

Athena was mad about the tag team loss to Ronda Rousey and Marina Shafir last week. She gave Starkz a task to redeem herself with a singles match against Shafir. Starkz triumphed in victory via spinning head kick to set up a double hammerlock belly-to-back inverted slam finisher.

Athena and Lexy entered the ring with graduation gowns. Athena spoke about the valedictorian in what sounded like she was describing Starkz. Swerve! Athena awarded the honor to Lexy. Double swerve! Athena concluded the ceremony without graduating Starkz. Frustration boiled as Starkz protested. She fell back in line to Athena while stewing in anger. Boom! Starkz rammed Athena into the barricade. Her violent side was unleashed, and Athena laughed at creating a monster.

Backstage, Starkz approached Tony Khan to request a title shot for Final Battle. Khan recognized her hard work winning nine singles matches in a row, and he approved the bout.

Athena versus Starkz for the ROH Women’s World Championship is official for Final Battle.

Are you satisfied with the long-term storytelling in this saga?

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