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MLW appears to have communication issues regarding contract situations with Hammerstone, Arez, & Aramis

Pro-Wrestling Noah N-1 Victory Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Communication issues appear to be mounting between Major League Wrestling and a handful of contracted wrestlers. Alexander Hammerstone, Arez, and Aramis have all suffered from varying levels of miscommunication when requesting releases.

Former world heavyweight champion Hammerstone recently made news when publicly confirming rumors of requesting his release from MLW. It had been quiet since then until Hammerstone posted a video update on the contract situation this afternoon (Nov. 8).

In the since deleted post on X, Hammerstone tried to leave emotion out of his response and just state the facts from his end. The situation has been ongoing for months with sparse communication from MLW. Hammerstone has tried several times to phone MLW head honcho Court Bauer, but he hasn’t been able to reach the boss man. Hammer was last told by the office that MLW was working toward his release, however, several weeks have passed without resolution. Rumors leaked that MLW has no intention of releasing Hammerstone, so he is left wondering if there was miscommunication in the chain of events.

The facts are that Hammerstone has not worked for MLW for over 100 days. He has been removed from the active roster page, all current marketing material, and the show intro. Hammer has not been contacted for any dates moving forward. Hammerstone believes MLW has no intention of using him. That’s the best he can offer right now for an update on the situation.

The issues for Arez and Aramis have come close to conclusion. The luchadores requested their release long ago when not being used in MLW. Arez once again brought up the issue.

To the General Public:

I find myself forced to address the following situation publicly, with the hopes that a resolution can finally be found. I join the recent wave of fellow professional wrestlers that just like me, have requested their release from Major League Wrestling “MLW”) and its President and Owner, Court Bauer.

Firstly, I would like to very sincerely thank Mr. Bauer for his interest in my career more than 2 years ago when he invited me to join MLW. In Spring of 2021, AAA presented me an offer on behalf of MLW to join their roster for 3 years. Although I did not understand the contract, as it was never presented to me in Spanish and I am not an English speaker, and even though I did not have a work visa at the time of signing that would even allow me to accept a job offer in the USA, I told AAA that I was very interested and I signed said contract.

The salary I was offered contractually was considerably below my indie rate, but I accepted it as I hope to see my career grow by being a part of MLW.

The reality is that MLW has not offered me any matches in over 18 months, and I see no interest whatsoever in offering me any work. With this situation and knowing how much work it has cost me to survive based on my income as an independent wrestler, I respectfully requested my release to Mr. Bauer more than 6 months ago, which he refused.

MLW has refused to cancel my contract in writing, even though I don’t even believe it has any legal weight as I was ineligible for work in the US at the time of signing and a Spanish translation was never presented to me. If I had the resources and team to challenge this in court, I’m sure the outcome would be favorable, but since I do not have these resources, I’m forced to air this problem publicly since my family’s well- being is what is at stake. Reading the multiple reports about the recent wave of MLW talent similarly requesting their releases, I find myself obligated to join these voices and find a resolution to what I believe is an unfortunate situation for all parties.

I hope my fans and fans of Lucha Libre in general understand and can support me and any other wrestler caught in a similar situation of being tied to a company that has no interest in giving them work.

I hereby request once more to Mr. Court Bauer my full release in writing from MLW.

Sincerely, Arez

MLW responded with claims to have granted the releases in May, and it was AAA who never informed Arez and Aramis. AAA were co-signees on the contracts.

After that, Aramis thanked Bauer & MLW and said he’s looking to the future.

We’ll see what the future holds for Hammerston & MLW. Until then, share your take on these contract situations in the comments below.

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