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Seems a PPV ‘cocaine spot’ may mean no TV for the NWA

In the midst of another busy pro wrestling weekend, an amazing report dropped about the NWA, the promotion’s yet-to-be announced television deal(s) with The CW, and a segment owner Billy Corgan booked for their recent Samhain PPV.

The story is from Nick Hausman’s Haus of Wrestling, which also provided the Oct. 18 report that the TV contracts Corgan had been teasing were with the recently revamped broadcast network The CW. It deals with this bit from Oct. 28’s Samhain, in which Father James Mitchell & his entourage were seen drinking and snorting white powder while the announce team awkwardly laughed about the scene.

According to Hausman’s site, The CW’s social media accounts were “flooded” with comments about what appeared to be cocaine use on an NWA show. That upset “higher-ups” at the network, some of whom are now making “an active push” to have NWA content (believed to be the weekly wrestling show Powerrr and a reality show) air on their app rather than having it be a part of their television schedule.

The “cocaine spot”, as the report refers to the scene, was apparently something Corgan pushed for. That was probably at least partly because the Smashing Pumpkins frontman “was told that the network would not be watching the PPVs and would only be concerned with what happened on the TV show airing on their platform.”

Which is odd, because the main reason one imagines Corgan would push for having the former TNA manager use an illegal substance on PPV would be in hopes it would go viral. Going viral would then put it on the timelines of people who don’t watch the show, including ones who would be offended by the scene and/or want to snitch to television executives about it.

Now, there’s always the possibility the report is incorrect or incomplete*, so take it with a Rumor Roundup-sized grain of salt. But if it is accurate... well, it would seem Billy didn’t really think this through.

* No disrespect to Hausman and his team, but this is pro wrestling after all.

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