LuFisto launches her own all-women's wrestling promotion

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(I've drank a whole lot of coffee and I'm currently going through a caffeine high so here I am pretending I'm a real wrestling journodude)

Indie legend and hall of famer LuFisto just announced she's gonna launch her very own all-women wrestling promotion: Women's Wrestling Syndicate based in Montreal. This promotion seems to be affiliated with Montreal's most famous indie promotion, International Wrestling Syndicate, which recently had a joint pay-per-view with Game Changer Wrestling.

Her announcement comes weeks after her controversial remarks (but pertinent, imo) about AEW's women division and follows similar initiatives by the likes of Thunder Rosa and Maria Kanellis. Read her statements below:


IWS Soldiers and fans around the world,
I’m thrilled to finally welcome you to the Women’s Wrestling Syndicate!
I’ve been involved in a few all-women’s promotions throughout the years but never had my own where I could really make my vision become a reality. Promotions come and go and I feel that, with the new hungry students and veterans that are still on the scene, it’s time that to roll up my sleeves and get to work.
I’ve been thinking about this project for a very long time. I want to provide a safe place, a home, to women who have chosen professional wrestling. My goal has always been to leave the industry better than it was when I’m done but there is still much work to do.
From the staff to the locker room, this is really an ALL-women’s promotion.
Here, egos and cliques are not welcomed as we stand together as women to offer you the best show possible. We stand tall and proud to deliver great and entertaining matches while we perfect our craft as a strong unit.
The Syndicate is a place where we can learn while pushing our limits. It’s a place where we share our passion for professional wrestling while having fun doing it.
And we want to share this love with you!
We will announce our first event soon and we hope to see you there!
Women’s Wrestling Syndicate…
Built by women. For women.

A real journalist would probably contact LuFisto or any of the other prominent wrestling promoters in Montreal to get more details but I'm literally just a guy who's writing his coffee shakes away. But based on IWS' activities, one could think that this new promotion will probably consists of live events with the occasional online streaming and PPVs down the line.

Check out their social medias if you're curious enough and check out their events if you're ever in the city! There's nothing better than a wrestling show filled with drunk french folks (including me) in a somewhat shady bar somewhere downtown.

IWS' next live event is Blood 4 Blood on December 6, right after AEW Dynamite! No news yet on when the WWS' first event will be.

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