The Nightly: November 28th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

So what a weekend it has been. So glad that CM Punk is back in WWE. I’ve seen some people criticize his promo last night on Raw, and in my opinion, I think people are being way too harsh towards it. Was it a great promo? Perhaps not, but it was a good first promo back for Punk, and it was able to set the tone for his return going forward. I don’t know if people were expecting him to go scorched earth, whether that included his WWE departure or his AEW run, but I wasn’t expecting any of that. All I wanted was a good promo, a good return promo from CM Punk, his first promo in a WWE ring in nearly a decade, and I got that. Not only that, Punk is at his best when he’s fighting against someone or something. So I think his promos will be better whenever he enters a feud. It seems like Seth/Punk is on the horizon, and though I’m seeing people persuade WWE to turn Punk heel, I think you should turn Seth heel instead. I can’t imagine fans cheering Seth over Punk, and have Seth go full corporate kiss ass as a heel.

On to the Nightly.

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