My WWE Wish List For 2024


For many WWE fans, they have welcomed the changes that took place this year with TKO replacing the McMahon Family as the owner. As a result, episodes of RAW, SmackDown, NXT and the PLEs have undergone major changes in terms of storytelling and drama.

But not everyone loves those changes and I analyze what needs to be changed in the WWE.

Less Focus on the Women.

The AEW and to a lesser extent, Impact Wrestling, do a very good job at not overexposing the female wrestlers by limiting them to just one match or segment with a few episodes not having any women's matches or segments. However, by contrast, the WWE has been notoriously bad at pushing its women's roster very heavily (it's worse on RAW and NXT where it's not unusual to have as many as four women's matches on the show). The problem with women's wrestling is that it's a lot like WNBA basketball as it does not draw as well as their male counterparts. Yes, gender does matter in the WWE.

The Return of Themed Shows

When Triple H took over for WWE Creative, he began to phase out themed shows such as special episodes of RAW promoting the Slammy Awards, RAW Roulette, Viewer's Choice Raw, Old School RAW, the King of the Ring tournament and milestone episodes as well as themed PPVs such as Extreme Rules, Hell in a Cell, TLC and Bragging Rights. Rumor has it is that he felt that such shows were bland and stale and wanted storylines to continue and not be interrupted. I feel that these shows need to return as they are more exciting compared to regular shows.

More Comedy Segments

Another problem that I had with Triple H running creative is that shows are more serious and dramatic which takes away the fun and excitement that it had when Vince McMahon was running the show. Who can forget Mae Young giving birth to a hand or Hornswoggle's antics? In my opinion, comedy segments need to return in order for shows to not be very drab and lackluster.

The Return of Vince McMahon at Creative

Let's face it. Triple H is not working out as WWE Head of Creative with dull shows and lackluster storytelling. With shows becoming more violent and edgier rather than family-friendly, Triple H has not done a very good job at running shows and with Vince McMahon returning to creative means a much better and exciting promotion.

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