CM Punk's WWE Contract

By now everyone is aware that CM Punk is back in WWE. However, no details regarding his deal with WWE have emerged despite the post-Survivor Series press conference being the perfect time to announce such momentous news in his hometown. They didn't announce his signing because he is likely technically still under contract to AEW.

CM Punk may have been fired in September but it isn't so easy to just terminate a contract for cause. Terminating a contract for cause invariably results in a lawsuit or a buyout between the parties concerned. Supposedly Punk just accepted his firing but that is highly unlikely as he would be leaving a lot of money on the table. It's hard to believe that someone who is supposed to be as contentious and litigious as Punk just walked away from a fight with AEW.

There are several potential explanations for why the details of Punk's deal are being kept secret. He could be working on a handshake deal with WWE while his separation from AEW is being formalized, or his firing could be a work and AEW and WWE are working together.

The simplest explanation is that Punk can't sign a contract yet and is working on a handshake deal until his situation with AEW formally dealt with. Eventually we will get the details of his contract with WWE when he is able to sign a contract.

The much more complicated explanation is that CM Punk's firing from AEW was a work, he's the devil and WWE is helping AEW pull it off. While this may seem unlikely given WWE's hostility toward all other wrestling companies, this history is the entire reason they would help AEW pull this off. WWE is facing a number of lawsuits regarding their alleged anticompetitive practices as well as an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The new owners may be motivated to turn away from this hardline stance against the mere existence of other wrestling companies due to these lawsuits and the SEC investigation. What better way to demonstrate to the courts and SEC that you aren't seeking a monopoly than helping out your biggest competitor?

There are other reasons WWE management would be interested in doing this apart from the legal benefits. The most obvious is that a former wrestler like HHH may very well relish the opportunity to participate in the biggest work in modern wrestling history. WWE also gets the short term benefit of Punk the buzz generated by Punk's return as well as whatever incentives AEW offered.

The saga of CM Punk and AEW has a number of parallels to Magnum TA's storyline in the NWA before his career was tragically cut short by a car accident in 1986. During the course of this storyline, Magnum attacked the President of the NWA, was stripped of the US title and competed in a best of seven series of matches with Nikita Kolof for the ttitle.Tony Schiavone was involved in the 1986 storyline and likely knows how it would have played out.

CM Punk is going to be revealed as the devil in AEW and is going to reform the Pinnacle with Ricky Starks, Big Bill and FTR.

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