CM Punk & The Three Reasons This Will Work

A few months back, I wrote that I didn't envision a world where CM Punk returned to WWE following his AEW departure. Without rehashing that all here (you can read that post here), I was wrong. I don't think I was the only one who felt that way, but I have no issue stating that I was wrong. He's back, and I'm excited to see where this all goes.

This all got me to thinking about how this could be different. I expect a lot of people out there are waiting for the inevitable blowup between Pepsi Phil and someone (or multiple someones) backstage and this all ending badly. That could happen, but here's why I don't think it will:

1. NO VINCE: Now that VKM is out of the creative picture, Triple H has the keys to run this as he sees fit. This seems to truly be about "what's best for business", and he also seems to genuinely give the fans what they want. They wanted Punk, and they wanted him at Survivor Series. He gave them exactly that. If Vince McMahon were still really involved, this doesn't happen.

2. PUNK'S LAST CHANCE: I don't need to rehash Punk's wrestling timeline, we all know it. But CM Punk has to know himself this is it. If he can't make this work, it's over for him. Sure, he could go to Impact or Japan, but nobody would really care as much about that. If Phil Brooks wants to write the legacy of CM Punk properly, this is how he does it. If he ruins this, his legacy will be tainted forever. Finish the story, Phil (sorry Cody).

3. LEVERAGE: This is the biggest for me. AEW needed CM Punk more than he needed AEW. He was Tony Khan's white whale, and was set to shoot AEW into at least a conversation about competing with WWE. Jericho, Moxley, Danielson, and now Adam Copeland are all huge gets, but we all know Punk is different. Triple H said it himself after Survivor Series when he said, "You can say this about CM Punk, love him, hate him, positive or negative, whatever you want to say. People talk about him all the time. He is a magnet for that. He is a conversation starter. And it's tough to look past that. And for me, if our fans want it, if the WWE universe is excited to have it, then let's go."

Which brings me to leverage. WWE has it here. All of it, mostly due to my second point. Punk will have to be different because he has no leverage. He knows it. And Triple H isn't Tony Khan. He won't be intimidated by Punk, but he also knows this business better than Tony. I feel like all this water is under the bridge for the two of them, and when Punk said last night "I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make money" he was absolutely on point.

So there you have it from my point of view. I haven't been this excited about the future of WWE in a while, and they have a chance to make the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania 40 all-timers. We are living in a world where the two Wrestlemania main events are likely to be CM Punk vs. Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns II. Who would've ever thought THAT was possible three years ago?It Happened....

CM Punk returned to Monday Night Raw, November 27, 2023.

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