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CMLL Roundup: Tessa Blanchard pins champ again, Flip Gordon staying busy, more!

Let’s catch up on CMLL news from the lucha libre world.

Tessa Blanchard pinned the champ. That’s not once, but twice now. Blanchard defeated Stephanie Vaquer to win the CMLL women’s international Grand Prix in October. Upon Blanchard’s return to CMLL, she beat Vaquer again to win a trios match on Friday, November 24, 2023. Blanchard struck with a hammerlock DDT to win the third fall. Afterward, Blanchard had a chip on her shoulder calling out Vaquer for a title shot. It’s clear that Blanchard is acting the rudo with a disrespectful shove to the face.

CMLL made the bout official for Friday, December 1. Blanchard will challenge Vaquer for the CMLL Women’s World Championship. That match will be available for live viewing purchase through the Boletia streaming app The show will also be available a few weeks later through the CMLL YouTube subscription.

Also on that Friday show, Hechicero defeated Stuka Jr. to win La Leyenda Azul tournament in honor of Blue Demon. Stuka Jr. tried some funny business for the finish. He shoved Hechicero into the referee then pulled his opponent’s mask off. Stuka Jr. made the tactical error of dropping the mask within reach of Hechicero. When Stuka Jr. took flight from high above, Hechicero had has mask back in place and caught Stuka Jr. for a submission.

On the championship tip, Ultimo Dragoncito dethroned Mercurio for the CMLL World Mini-Estrellas Championship. Mercurio responded with a hair versus hair challenge, and the new champ accepted. Time will tell if that bout gets booked.

Since Flip Gordon decided to take his talents to CMLL, he has stayed busy. Gordon was added to the main event trios bout on November 17. Living up to his name, Flip entered the ring with a flip. Gordon was flying all over the place juking and jiving. He was a star, but not the main star for the match. Gordon’s team won when Mistico whirled the La Mistica armbar to submit Volador Jr. Enjoy the highlights.

Gordon competed on other shows throughout the week in CMLL, and he even picked up a singles win over Templario.

Last on the list is a little taste of Mexican culture. Barbaro Cavernario wrestled Stuka Jr. for the King of the Underworld Championship on November 3 to honor Day of the Dead. Stuka Jr. entered with the ceremonial title, but Cavernario exited with the belt in victory via springboard splash. The highlights are good on their own, however, the pageantry adds extra sizzle.

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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