A Tale Of Two Butterflies - The Story Of The Mainstream Wrestling Landscaping

Once upon a time in 2021. There were two wrestling kings going in completely different directions. .The Everlasting King Vince One stalwart that has stood the test of time . The ever-dominant ruler who has made his competition bow to his feet or die while trying to oppose him and one red-hot upstart named King Khan who had the subject s buzzing as the modern alternative.. the new wave of professional wrestling. The representation and the repreive for those that were tired of the everlasting monarch . Although there were still many supporters of the elder king's rule King Khan's abundance of promises and generosity of giving the people what they want has taken the hearts of the lapsed subjects who thought that Vince's tricks and plots to entertain them had gotten old and passed them by. Even an attempt to send his royal second Prince Paul. The much more well received heir to Vince's throne , and his army to destroy the competition failed miserably and caused some of the elder king's once loyal army knights such as Danielson, Jericho and Wight to change their allegiances. The stubborn old king is washed but until he dies or something drastic happens.... Nothing will ever change in the Kingdom Of Sports Entertainment.

Meanwhile. It was not all sunshine and rainbows in The Kingdom Of All Elite as their top warrior, CM Punk . A former disgruntled member of King Vince's army from many moons ago was injured and had to vacate his recognition because of a ill -timed foot ailment during one of his battles. And this was the beginning to the end for Punk in The Kingdom Of All Elite...He Just didn't know it yet.

Fast forward to 2022. by and two butterflies wander into the Mainstream Wrestling Landscape. One named Paul - The precious butterfly who affects the kingdom who it bites for the better. And One named Perry. The poisonous butterfly who sends his affected kingdom to chaos and disarray. These two polar opposite effects will collide st certain points. hereby shaking the landscape of the whole wrestling world. One big spot at a time.

Paul decides to brighten up The Sports Entertainment Kingdom by doing the impossible. Seize the power from The Almighty King Vince and forcing him to step down by revealing his alleged misdemeanor towards her women's servants and bribing them with hush money to keep quiet. This called for the immediate takeover of Prince Paul who brought back some of the people the former king had forcefully kicked out of his kingdom and gleefully changed the way The Sports Entertainment Kingdom was ruled over. much to the delight of the subjects who finally got their wishes granted and breathed new life to the Old Dog

Meanwhile in The Kingdom Of All Elite. The Poisonous Perry infiltrated King Khan's Royal Estate and caused All Out Chaos. Using the newly returned warrior CM Punk. The Same Man Who the King gave the top warrior honor to in place of the noble Hangman as his vehicle for destruction. The newly minted top warrior scorched The Elite. The band of warriors who helped found this kingdom that also includes the after mentioned Hangman. Who publicly chastised him in a prior meeting , in a public speaking scrum. He called the people in the Kingdom "Children" and The Noble Page "an empty headed dumb fuck". This led to a publicly documented scuffle. All of this after another founding father . Cody Rhodes jumped ship because of a disaggregated involving money . King Khan apprehended both parties (The Elite and Punk) with suspensions and forced them to vacate their respective newly poached recognitions.

This huge controversy led to questions involving King Khan's leadership. Does he really know how to handle kingdom chaos. Does he really run the place? Or do the inmates really run the whole prison and he just serves as a corporate disguise?

Fast forward another year. The Sports Entertainment Kingdom is thriving with new leadership. Even thwarting a sabotage attempt from the former king and restored the trust from the once disappointed prospects who now heap him with praise for his masterful job as reigning King Of Sports Entertainment. His good old companion Sargent Shawn handling the lower territories with flying colors and blistering results

This Kingdom Of All Elite meanwhile is not looking as bright. Subject interest is as low as it's ever been and the huge promises has now been turned into a form of laughter as it has become old and it has passed the subjects by (sounds familiar, doesn't it?) . Injured top gladiators caused constant chaos for recognitions and titles and the poor handling on women's warriors except for a few who rule the roost (The Outcasts and Queen Baker) since the launch of this kingdom has been more clear and damaging than ever before. Besides all of that however. One question still remained of everyone's mind.

Who truly rules The Kingdom Of All Elite?

King Khan has lost control of his once promiseland. The warriors are split into two sides. Collision and Dynamite and who caused this split? You guessed it. The sides of Punk and The Band Of The Elite. It all boiled down to which side are you on in this battle? Are you a Collider or Kaboomer. Either way. Everyone knew there was only one way to end this. One side has to fall down and the perfect place for The collapse was found. The biggest gathering of the year. All In 2023.

And of course. The irony of life strikes again. As in this story. A Butterfly named Perry started this chaotic war

A degenerate named Perry also shattered The Kingdom Of All Elite to pieces via the means who real glass. A true twist fit for a devil

The once top warrior Punk got excommunicated and The Elite reigned supreme to the chargrin of many. The King has spoken and picked his side and is now paying the price .

And just now. A new chapter has opened in this chaotic story

A Punk's Return To His Once Forsaken Home

All of this just because of a deal butterflies. eh

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