The Nightly: November 20th, 2023

Hello Nightly!!!

So today was alright. Mainly worked and that was it. Didn’t bother watching Raw tonight, as the product is so unappealing to me. Not sure what would draw me back, but there’s so many flaws and problems with the on screen product right now it’s ridiculous. All the sponsorships, the long reigns, the long stable storylines with Imperium, Judgment Day, Bloodline, and just a general lack of star power and lack of interesting stuff. For me, I think it’s the worst the product has ever been, at least during my lifetime anyway. Even during eras like 2013, which was just as uninteresting, at least during that time there were a couple of things going for it, acts like The Shield and AJ Lee and acts like that. But right now there’s really nothing. At least with Shield and AJ Lee, they were booked well. But with the acts right now that I’m interested in, they’re not really booked well at all. Like Becky Lynch doesn’t feel nearly as big a deal as she used to be even a few years back, and Zelina Vega is so underutilized right now. Hopefully WWE decides to give a jolt of interest sooner rather than later.

On to the Nightly.

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