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Alexander Hammerstone ‘released’ from MLW, signs with rival ‘promotion’

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Alexander Hammerstone had been in the midst of contract issues with MLW, and that situation appears to be resolved for now.

Hammerstone publicly confirmed rumors that he requested his release from MLW. A few weeks passed, and Hammerstone aired grievances about communication issues. There had been no news on the matter until the Fightland event (Nov. 18, 2023).

The main event concluded with Alex Kane defeating Jacob Fatu to retain the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Matt Cardona is next in line at One-Shot on December 7. The Indy God made a statement by rushing the ring to attack Kane. Cardona was flanked by Tom Lawlor, Steph De Lander, the debuting Joshua Bishop, and Mister Saint Laurent forming the World Titan Federation faction.

The lights went out. Lights on, and Hammerstone was standing in the ring with an WTF shirt. It was clear that he was now part of the World Titan Federation. Hammerman proceeded to clear the ring of Kane, Fatu, and Bomaye.

After the show, MLW broke news that Hammerstone’s release has been brokered before Fightland, and he signed with WTF.

The MLW press release states:

Tonight’s FIGHTLAND live on FITE+ ended in a shocking controversy: Alex Hammerstone, fresh off of being granted a release by MLW, joined the World Titan Federation and its self-described “Superstars” and savagely attacked Alex Kane, the Bomaye Fight Club and Jacob Fatu.

For months there’s been speculation surrounding Alex Hammerstone’s status in MLW.

With the relationship frayed, Hammerstone recently took to X requesting his release from MLW. Over the past few weeks, communication had been sparse between MLW and the former franchise of MLW. can confirm that Hammer was in fact granted his release from MLW this week… but no one expected him to sign instantly with Saint Laurent’s World Titan Federation and return tonight to crash FIGHTLAND.

The story angle is the World Titan Federation trying to usurp MLW as a wrestling promotion to provide their superior version of sports entertainment. Mister Saint Laurent currently manages WTF, and he promotes the group under the umbrella of MLW. An exposé airing on MLW television mentioned rumors of a takeover by WTF.

As for what’s actually real behind the scenes, WTF. And I don’t mean World Titan Federation. Spin the wheel on work, shoot, worked shoot, shoot turned into a work, all of the above.

What’s your take on the Hammerstone story?

The replay for MLW Fightland is available for viewing through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

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