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Matt Cardona wins Loser Leaves MLW match with romantic swerve

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Love hurts. Just ask Mance Warner.

Ole Mancer competed against Matt Cardona in a Loser Leaves MLW match at Fightland (Nov. 18, 2023). It was a physical affair with chairs, trashcans, and wooden boards. Warner swung a chair at Cardona, who was always ready to duck. The steel collided into the referee. Ref down!

Warner blasted a knee strike into a trashcan hitting Cardona. Unfortunately for Mancer, the referee was still out, so nobody counted the pinfall. Cardona regained his wits to strike with a low blow. As Cardona wound up with a chair, Steph De Lander ran to the ring. De Lander is Cardona’s associate on the indies, and she also happens to date Warner in real life.

De Lander snatched the chair away from Cardona and planted a big kiss on Warner’s lips.

After a double clothesline, both men were down. De Lander entered to yell at Cardona for messing with her boyfriend. Swerve! De Lander turned around and tackled Warner through a wooden board in the corner. She helped Cardona pile on for the cover and revived the ref for the 1, 2, 3.

Afterward, Warner was heartbroken. Mister Saint Laurent called in Atlas Security to escort Mancer from the premises. MSL led the crowd in singing, “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye.” Warner responded by punching MSL square in the face.

Backstage, De Lander clarified that she loves Warner, however, she loves success a little bit more. SDL chose the gravy train with Cardona.

Did you shed a tear at the romantic swerve?

The replay for MLW Fightland is available for viewing through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

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