The Rey Mysterio Effect

The good old heel turn. An act where a good guy gets fed up with all the bullshit. The time where someone FINALLY snaps, gets tired of being nice and shifts into a darker side of the personality to spite the fans and get the glory all to himself. An effective heel turn can make a rising star into a legend (just ask Randy Orton and Edge) but the path to success of a heel turn needs one key ingredient to work.

A hero that they could root for.

An ineffective Babyface can ruin any heel turn (Big Dog Roman Reigns and Charlotte Flair would like to have a word with you). No matter how good the promos, the character work , the insults and the matches are.. it will all lead to a role reversal in the fan's eyes because the "good guy" is not worth cheering for and the "villain" of the story is the one who echoes the true fan's feelings. A Babyface should be seen as a relatable, likeable person that the general public understands and relates to. The best face will bring out the most hatred for the heel to gain and will yield out genuine sympathy from the fanbase and no one wrestler exemplifies this other than ONE MAN.

Rey Mysterio.

The Master Of The 619 has been an instant sympathy magnet for almost the ENTIRETY of his career. He's a cheat code for instant heat for the heel. You want a heel turn to have a good start? Just make him feud with Rey Mysterio. People become the most hated heel in the business off the back of the fans love and admiration for Rey Mysterio . The most recent example being Santos Escobar.who got his biggest main roster reaction last night on Smackdown just by wishing that Rey's leg got amputated.

Dominik Mysterio went from bland nepotism kid to the biggest bitch on the planet all because he called his father a deadbeat. The Great Khali traumatized children by literally squishing Rey's head like a watermelon. Children actually thought Rey Mysterio died that day. Exdie Guerrero went from cool charming uncle to creepy psycho father who wants to take someone's child. Alberto Del Rio needed to get over from the start? Have him feud with Rey Mysterio from the jump.

None of these angles would have stuck to the memories of wrestling fans if it was ANY OTHER GUY.

Thar is the mark of a true legend. That is the mark of a sympathetic babyface.

That ladies and gentlemen

Is The Rey Mysterio Effect.

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