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GUNTHER says he is ready to move on from the Intercontinental championship

WWE star GUNTHER has already broken the record for the longest Intercontinental championship reign of all-time. His run with the belt doesn’t appear to be in jeopardy in the near future, because it would be shocking if he drops the belt to The Miz later this month at Survivor Series.

Given the historic nature of his title run,’s Steve Fall asked the Ring General if the goal is to main event night one of WrestleMania 40 with an Intercontinental championship match.

GUNTHER shot that idea down right away because his belt ranks below the WWE Universal championship as well as the World Heavyweight championship. In answering the question, though, GUNTHER admitted that he is now above the Intercontinental title and is ready to move on:

“That’s not gonna happen...I think Seth [Rollins] is on a very good run right now, and obviously there is Roman [Reigns]. So I think the two main events are pretty set, which it should be.

The Intercontinental champion, which is the number two title on Raw, obviously I give it my best and I do everything I can to make it feel like the number one. But I think there’s a ranking system and everything for a reason. I think it’s quite obvious that I outgrew the Intercontinental Championship already. I am ready to make that next step.”

Many WWE fans are ready to see GUNTHER wrestle main event opponents like Brock Lesnar. In order for that to happen, yeah, he probably needs to move on from the Intercontinental title.

When do you think WWE will pull the trigger on moving GUNTHER up to the next level? And which WWE star will be the one who finally beats him for mid-card gold?

Give us your predictions in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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