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MLW Roundup: Matt Cardona’s car stolen, Davey Boy Smith Jr. countdown to recovery, more!

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Time to catch up on news from the world of Major League Wrestling.

Egads! Matt Cardona’s car was stolen. The incident took place during episode 189 of MLW Fusion. The story was weaved throughout the show. It started with Mister Saint Laurent gifting Cardona an automobile. Cardona was always ready to kiss his new BMW ride. Smooches.

The plot thickened when MSL was playing tricks on Alex Kane and Jacob Fatu. They are booked to compete for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship at Fightland on November 18 in Philadelphia. Cardona gets the winner for a title fight at One-Shot on December 7 in New York City. That assumes Cardona emerges victorious against Mance Warner in the Loser Leaves MLW match at Fightland.

MSL tried to frame Fatu for a mystery ambush on Mr. Thomas. The plan was working with Kane eager to throw blows, however, a stooge ratted out the scheme. Kane and Fatu went searching for Cardona at the end of the show. The result was Fatu stealing Cardona’s car.

Got to love the wacky hijinks in MLW. There were even more hijinks during the main event tables match for the MLW World Tag Team Championship between The Calling and the Second Gear Crew. Rules were that both team members had to be put through tables to determine a winner.

Rickey Shane Page was the first man out after Manders tossed him off the turnbuckles crashing down through a table. Akira kicked Manders off the apron through a table to even the odds. The finish was up in controversy. Akira went for a submission stretch on the turnbuckles, but Matthew Justice fell backward with force to send them both crashing through tables. The positioning of the bodies made it tough to tell who went through the table first. The referee was stymied and ruled the contest a draw.

Manders clotheslined the referee out of frustration. Cannonball ran in for fisticuffs with SGC. Ole Mancer arrived to restore order. SGC warned that there will be a new level of violence next time they meet The Calling. A ladder match was booked for Fightland.

In other action, Warner steamrolled Talon of The Calling. Knee pad down, running knee, hit the pay the window, drink cold beers. Brett Ryan Gosselin won his debut over J Boujii of the Bomaye Fight Club. Boujii shined as a prospect, however, Gosselin cheated to win using the ropes for leverage on the pin.

Back on the hijinks tip, Minoru Suzuki slapped Love, Doug.

The big news from episode 190 of MLW Fusion was the world title fight contract signing for Alex Kane versus Jacob Fatu. The meeting erupted in violence.

Don King added his two cents in support of the Suplex Assassin.

Mister Saint Laurent revealed the official logo for the World Titan Federation. He embraces sports entertainment as the truest form of spectacle.

The showcase bout was the Bomaye Fight Club powerhouses against the Mane Event. Mr. Thomas and O’Shay Edwards represented Bomaye. Midas Black and Jay Lyon worked their circus style, but the strongmen crushed them in the end. Edwards powerslammed Black, Thomas hit a swinging sidewalk slam on Lyon, then Thomas powerbombed Black for the win.

In other action, women’s champion Janai Kai defeated Riley Krowe. The Kick Demon mauled her opponent, and the referee waved it off in about ten seconds. Griffin McCoy stole the win from Tracy Williams. This was a solid bout with back and forth action. McCoy took advantage of a ref bump when his legs accidentally clobbered the official as Williams picked him up for a piledriver. McCoy struck with a low low and finished with a springboard kick.

MLW announced a few more additions to the Fightland card on November 18 in Philly. The current lineup includes:

  • MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Kane (c) vs. Jacob Fatu (PPV event)
  • MLW World Tag Team Championship: Rickey Shane Page & Akira (c) vs. Matthew Justice & Manders in a ladder match (PPV event)
  • Loser Leaves MLW: Matt Cardona vs. Mance Warner (PPV event)
  • Rocky Romero & Barbaro Cavernario vs. Ichiban & Mascara Dorada 2.0 (PPV event)
  • MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship: Janai Kai (c) vs. Delmi Exo vs. Tiara James (Fusion TV Taping)
  • Tom Lawlor & WTF mystery partner vs. Mr. Thomas & O’Shay Edwards (Fusion TV taping)
  • Thumbtacks Pit of Death: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Cannonball (Fusion TV taping)
  • Nolo Kitano vs. Tony Deppen (Fusion TV taping)
  • Kevin Blackwood vs. TJ Crawford in a grudge match (Fusion TV taping)
  • Wasted Youth vs. Mane Event vs. Austin Luke & Lucky 13 (Fusion TV taping)
  • Zayda Steel vs. Gia Scott (Fusion TV taping)

The Fightland PPV event will be available for live streaming through the Fite+ package on Fite TV.

Veda Scott was previously announced as a backstage correspondent at Fightland, however, that appearance has now been canceled.

Alexander Hammerstone is noticeably absent from the Fightland show so far. He recently requested his release from the company. Hammer issued an update that he feels in limbo not being used nor being granted his release yet.

Good news for Hammerheads though. Muscle Mountain will be reuniting with Richard Holliday in GCW to wrestle Charles Mason and Parrow on December 3. This event will also be available for streaming through Fite+. December sounds like a good time for a Dynasty gift train. Chugga chugga chugga, choo choo!

Closing with positive news. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is counting down the days to recovery. He was sidelined with emergency surgery for appendicitis and diverticulitis.

Share your thoughts on the happenings in MLW.

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