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Killer Kross reveals his origin story

Karrion Kross is watching and waiting for his next move in WWE. Kross isn’t just sitting on his rump hoping for the call. He is letting the creative juices flow in his down time.

Long-time followers of Kross know that he experiments in short film to flesh out his Killer character. The latest installment reveals Kross’ origin story.

Well, well, well. There it is, and here you are. And if you’re here, that means you were looking for this. You don’t just find it by accident. This is a story you should have heard a long time ago.

See, before I was involved in this business, I was involved with another one. And it took me here to Sin City.

See, I always had this thing inside me. There it is again. You see it plain as day. See, I’m not crazy. I didn’t know what that was, but it told me I needed to leave home, which was very far away at the time, or so I thought. Well, that’s exactly what I did, and I found this gig, a job. All I had to do was keep an eye on people. And if there were any issues, then take care of those issues. It’s a good-paying job.

But I came to realize that money wasn’t that important to me, especially when the person paying me pissed me off. So, I decided to move on to other things.

I evolved past that whole monetary thing. I needed to know what my deeper calling was, and I began to watch gambling. And I watched people lay their lives down on the table knowing the house was going to win. I watched people destroy themselves on the chance that things might get better.

But they didn’t. They absolutely did not, and it inspired me. I said, I want to become that chance. No, not the good one. I want to become the chance that everything fails, and they lose everything, and they fade out with less than they started with.

I became the house. I became the end.

Hmm, very interesting from Killer Kross. That is certainly the type of backstory to grab attention. Unlike other mysterious acts in professional wrestling, this explanation is pretty simple to understand, and the motivation is clear.

Share your thoughts on Kross’ short film. If you want to check out his past adventures, take a peak at his YouTube channel.

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