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Eddie Kingston’s suspension lifted, returns for ROH world title fight

It turns out that Big Stoke doesn’t have a big bite after all. Stokely Hathaway used his ROH board of director powers to suspend Eddie Kingston indefinitely. That suspension lasted all of one week. Kingston returned on ROH TV to defend the ROH World Championship.

During Kingston’s match, Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman mentioned on commentary that the suspension was overruled. It was not upheld upon further review. Riccaboni and Coleman aired nonchalant insubordination by openly questioning Hathaway getting personal with his decisions on this matter. Big Stoke needs to bring the hammer down on them to keep those pesky announcers in line.

Kingston’s opponent on episode 37 of ROH TV was Angelico. This contest was set up a few weeks back when Angelico took umbrage with Kingston inflicting pain on Serpentico with a stretch plum submission in a Proving Ground match. Angelico blocked Kingston’s attempt at a Code of Honor handshake when checking on his injured pal.

Kingston got in his feelings with paranoia wondering if Angelico would stab him in the back for a shot at the ROH World Championship. Kingston displayed a rude attitude to demand an answer. Angelico didn’t back down. He is afraid of no man when it comes to hold for hold wrestling. Kingston was game for a match.

Angelico styled early working holds. Kingston held his own on defensive chain wrestling, but Angelico was still able to trap Kingston in stretches and submissions.


Kingston’s bread and butter was a power advantage. When Angelico rolled Kingston on the mat, the Mad King popped up for an explosive spinning backfist. The match progressed with Angelico working roll-ups. Kingston popped up again for a crushing spinning backfist on the button. That one really stunned Angelico. Kingston followed up with a northern lights bomb to win. Afterward, both men adhered to the Code of Honor handshake, and any rough feelings appeared to be squashed.

Line up another challenger for Kingston, and he will knock them down. That win marks four official ROH world title defenses.

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