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Matt Riddle to face WWE Hall of Famer in first match booked since release

His opponent is also a fellow marijuana enthusiast.

When WWE cut several talents shortly after their sale to Endeavor and merger with UFC as Endeavor was finalized, Matt Riddle was one of the last names announced. This was allegedly because Riddle “burned through too many chances” with various incidents in and out of the wrestling world.

There’s been talk of what would be next for the mixed martial artist-turned-pro wrestler, including making the leap into the world of celebrity/crossover fights. We’ll see if anything every materializes in other combat sports, but we now have word of Riddle continuing his pro wrestling career...

He’ll be facing WWE Hall of Famer and occasional AEW star Rob Van Dam at a Big Time Wrestling show next March:

Their match is currently the only one announced for the card. Riddle and RVD will also take part in a pre-show Fan Fest along with names like Kurt Angle, The Rock N Roll Express, Tommy Rich, Fred Ottman (aka Tugboat, Typhoon, and of course Shockmaster), Ernest Miller, Kevin Sullivan, Missy Hyatt, Baby Doll, and Glacier.

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