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Former ECW Champ names his Mount Rushmore of color commentators

Is it The Body, The Brain, or someone else?


Sports fans often debate who’s on the Mount Rushmore of their favorite sport, and sports entertainment buffs are no exception.

However, these conversations usually center on the top wrestlers or most influential stars (or the industry’s most prominent heels). Rarely do we explore the crucial contributions of pro wrestling’s color commentators, who are instrumental in presenting wrestlers and the show in an engaging manner to the television audience.

During a recent episode of Shane Douglas’ Franchise University podcast, the former ECW World Champion was asked about Jesse Ventura and where The Body ranks on an all-time or Mount Rushmore list. For Douglas, Ventura comes in at number two.

So, who did Douglas say was number one?

The Franchise chose The Brain, Bobby Heenan.

“You look at Jesse, and you know, just one step down from Bobby Heenan because Bobby could be that humorous while you wanted to strangle him. Like, you laugh while you wanted to choke him. Jesse, you just wanted to choke if you were a babyface fan. [...] So I would say on that Mount Rushmore, as color commentators go, those two would be one and two, and then behind that, I would say Jerry Lawler, for sure. Jerry’s so fun.”

Douglas repeatedly described Ventura as quick-witted while praising Heenan for being funny, saying The Brain could’ve been a stand-up comedian. As for Lawler, Douglas was complimentary of the King’s work, likening him to Heenan while also recognizing Lawler’s brand of humor.

Rounding out his list was “Mean” Gene Okerlund, who Douglas described as someone who straddled the line between play-by-play and color.

Do you agree or disagree with Shane Douglas’ choices? Who’s your on your Mount Rushmore of color men, Cagesiders? Give us your list of greats in the comments section.

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