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Eddie Kingston sent Jade Cargill a gift, and it was very on brand

The new WWE Superstar got a very thoughtful gift from her old AEW co-worker that’s also a little reminder of an old (non-serious... we think) grudge he has against her.

While the reason Eddie Kingston sent Jade Cargill a gift wasn’t revealed in Cargill’s posts about it, we’re going to assume it’s to congratulate his former AEW colleague on starting her new job at WWE. The timing fits — Jade did just make her official, on-screen debut at Fastlane last Saturday (Oct. 7). That would also make it another example of wrestlers cheering other wrestlers on no matter who signs their paychecks — which is something we like to celebrate for all kinds of reasons.

Something Cargill does reveal is the reason why Kingston’s gift was a box of Kit Kat bars*. It’s a call back to one of their first meetings, and how Eddie felt some kind of way about the fact Jade could enjoy some chocolate-covered wafers and still maintain her six (or is it an eight?)-pack.

This almost brought me to tears. I came home and received a package I was most confused about until I looked at the name lol. One of the first times I met Eddie Kingston I was going to town on KitKats and he tore me a new one about “how can I look like this eating like that” he never let it go. CLEARLY .

One of the realest men I have EVER met in this business and very sweet (just to me ha). We’ve had our arguments . But man did it bring us closer with more understanding. I’m glad we had those moments. I can’t tag him here so you guys go tag him in the comments.

Love you Eddie and @heykarentran. See you soon. Thank you so much for my gift I also know he’s going to hate I made it a post. Jokes on you!

Never change, Mad King.

* Or maybe it’s a single giant Kit Kat bar?

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