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Athena breaks Leyla Hirsch’s winning streak in ROH women’s title fight

Leyla Hirsch was riding high on a winning streak in ROH. She thought she was ready for the champ, but Athena made sure to snap that streak in an ROH Women’s World Championship bout on episode 32 of ROH TV.

Hirsch ran off ten straight singles wins in an ROH ring since her return from injury. Legit went through Bambi Hall, Nicole Matthews, Trish Adora, B3CCA, Miranda Vionette, Angelica Risk, Rachael Ellering, Leila Gray, Lady Frost, and Laynie Luck. Along the way, Hirsch’s success caught the eye of Maria Kanellis. Maria is scouting talent for a stable, and she was interested in developing Hirsch. Despite the winning streak, Maria warned Hirsch that she wasn’t ready to challenge Athena. Hirsch felt differently and approached the ROH board of directors for a title shot. Her wish was granted.

Athena and Hirsch opened the show in an excellent match. Hirsch was aggressive early to knock Athena out of the ring. Legit followed for a suicide dive. Hirsch sent Athena toward the ring steps, but the champ used parkour to jump off the steps and leap over Hirsch’s head to a deliver a dropkick from behind. The match progressed with intensity for a variety of strikes, suplexes, and submissions.


The ladies battled on the turnbuckles for position. Hirsch cartwheeled over the top down to the mat to execute an avalanche German suplex.

Instead of going for the pin, Hirsch took flight for a moonsault. Athena cracked her with a kick to the face in midair. Athena pounced to finish with a Despicable Knee. The champion’s title reign has now reached 300 days.

Maria came out on stage after the match to gloat in Hirsch’s failure. Maria sighed, “I told you. You’re not ready.”


Athena versus Hirsch is a match worth watching. The ROH TV replay for episode 32 is available through a subscription to ROH HonorClub.

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