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The Headbangers cheated out of win in return to ring at NWA Samhain

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The Headbangers made their debut in the Lightning One era of the NWA at the Samhain PPV (Oct. 28, 2023). Mosh and Thrasher looked good as former WWE & NWA tag champions, but they were cheated out of the win. At least, they closed the scene leaving the fans happy.

The Headbangers competed against Kerry Morton & Alex Taylor in a Rock ‘n’ Roll match. The stipulation was to take a shot of whiskey after every failed pinfall. Licensed bartenders surrounded the ring with alcoholic beverages at the ready.

The Headbangers entered hot.

Mosh started by grabbing a whiskey bottle for a chug. He passed it around to Taylor and Thrasher. Morton declined, since he isn’t a drinker. The Headbangers forced the golden liquid down his throat anyway. Commentary mentioned that Morton can’t handle his liquor, like papa Ricky Morton, so Kerry was tipsy the entire match.

The Headbangers were grooving early with a springboard clothesline from Mosh and a teamwork pop-up slam. As the match progressed, shots were taken after every kick-out. All participants acted drunker along the way, except for Mosh. He was moving just fine.

The action spilled outside with Mosh beating up security guards trying to get to Morton. Taylor leaped for a flying crossbody onto the pile. Thrasher did the same jumping onto the mosh pit.

Back inside, Morton scored a roll-up with his feet on the ropes to win. He immediately bailed from the ring drunkenly walking to the back. Taylor was left alone, so he tried to make peace with a round of shots. The Headbangers partook, then they attacked Taylor anyway with a Stage Dive flying leg drop powerbomb combo to make the fans happy.

The Headbangers looked good given the context of the match. Granted, this is a one match sample, but their vibe fits into the current NWA product. If Mosh and Thrasher are interested in sticking around, they should be able to rise the ranks toward NWA tag team gold.

The PPV replay for NWA Samhain is available through Fite TV.

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