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EC3 retains NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship at Samhain PPV

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EC3 remains in possession of the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship thanks an assist from Matt Cardona at the Samhain PPV (Oct. 28, 2023). There were no cahoots in play, however, EC3 still benefit directly from Cardona’s involvement.

EC3 battled Thom Latimer in a No Limits match, which was anything goes. Kamille was ringside as the Insurance Policy for Latimer. Kamille made an appearance earlier in the show, and that was what led to Cardona butting into the title fight.

Cardona called out “bald asshole” Billy Corgan demanding that he be inserted into the main event. Cardona was forced to relinquish the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship due to injury back on June 11, 2022. Cardona still harps on that point, even though, he later lost a title challenge to Tyrus upon healthy return.

Corgan answered with a resounding, “Go to hell!” When Cardona teased hitting Corgan, Kamille entered the ring to spear Cardona. She proceeded to pummel Cardona with a chair to make sure he stays out of the world title fight. The idea was Kamille protecting her husband’s chances to keep it a one-on-one fight.

Fast forward to the PPV main event. Samhain had the Halloween spirit, so Latimer and Kamille were dressed as “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth.

EC3 and Latimer threw hands upon the sound of the opening bell. EC3 tossed Latimer through the ropes crashing down to the floor. Kamille’s presence paid off early. She crouched down with a chair and hit a home run swing when EC3 took flight for a suicide dive. The steel impact to EC3 was vicious.

The match progressed with Latimer focusing on damaging EC3’s spine. Neckbreakers were the move of choice. EC3 rallied with a triple stack of German suplexes. Superplexes were exchanged. EC3 revisited the suicide dive and hit it this time. Latimer gained the upper hand outside for a piledriver on the floor.

Down the stretch, EC3 shoved Latimer into Kamille. Latimer faced a decision to focus on helping his wife or continue his quest for the world title. Latimer chose to trash-talk EC3 rather than go for the win, which didn’t make a lot of sense at that moment.

As Kamille was down in the corner, Cardona slithered in the ring for payback. Latimer spied Cardona creeping, and he rushed over to cover his wife. Latimer took the impact of Cardona’s Reboot.

EC3 never requested this help from Cardona, but that didn’t stop the Over Man from capitalizing on the situation. EC3 ejected Cardona from the ring, then he laid Latimer out on a double underhook piledriver to win.

Afterward, EC3 exchanged words with Cardona, and it seemed like EC3 wasn’t shying away from giving Cardona a title shot in the future. Once Latimer was revived, he cleared Cardona out of the ring.

Overall, the action was solid for their physical style of wrestling. Latimer lacked urgency a few times, which didn’t mesh well with the story of his burning desire to win. The injection of Cardona was a downer for a PPV finish. I don’t feel like anything was resolved in the feud between EC3 and Latimer, and it’s not the type of win that EC3 can build a résumé on in his quest to become the greatest, which is one of his talking points.

Share your take on the world title fight between EC3 and Thom Latimer.

The PPV replay for NWA Samhain is available through Fite TV.

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